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Maple Beverages

If you want to pick one hot flavor trend, look no further than maple. Maple water has a strong growing interest with health conscious consumers.

Recent scientific research indicates that maple sap contains significant amounts of the minerals magnesium, zinc, and calcium along with over 40 other nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants, electrolytes and prebiotics.

Quebec, today with 7,000 maple farmers, produces about three quarters of the world’s maple syrup. This Canadian province has led the way in developing a market for hygienically filtered bottled maple sap water.

In that filtered maple sap water does not undergo heating, none of the sugars are caramelized, which in turn would produce the characteristic maple taste known to and desired by consumers. Maple sap waters that are heated or aseptically filled do have a mild and pleasant identifiable maple taste

Virginia Dare’s flavor creation and beverage application specialists can help our customers develop maple products that capture this rapidly developing beverage category.