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Flavors for Vodka

“The evolution of consumer drinking habits, demand for convenience and differentiation are boosting demand for alcoholic beverages that are recognizable yet different”. Euromonitor International. Although some mixologists might love gin or prefer whiskey, vodka remains the classic spirit of choice among American consumers.

Vodka accounts for 30 percent of all onpremise spirits, according to cocktail trend, says experts at Technomic Inc. As a moving trend today, flavored vodka is driving growth.

New iterations range from dessert and candy shop flavors such as cake, whipped cream and root beer float, to whimsical varieties such as peanut butter and jelly, and dill pickle. What is driving the consumption of flavored vodkas? Some experts say it is tied to health and wellness trends in a country largely struggling to wiggle out of obesity.

With the recent diet fads, people are trying to cut sugar-loaded sodas and juices out of their drinks. Using flavored vodka is a way to cut calories out of your favorite cocktail. Adding flavors to essentially flavorless vodka eliminates the need for sugary mixers. Healthy Beverage Expo experts claim that further trend is moving towards healthy alcoholic drinks with lower calorie and more organic options.

For Virginia Dare’s customers to capture the growing flavored vodka opportunity, the Company’s Flavor Creation and Beverage Application Teams have designed the following new and exciting flavored vodka beverages.