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Virginia Dare’s Vanilla extracts and flavors have been the standard against which the rest of the industry is measured for four generations.  We attribute this recognition to our many corporate strengths, but specifically to three strategic areas of Vanilla focus and expertise.

First, our knowledge of the Vanilla market has helped our customers navigate cyclones, political upheaval, embargoes, vine diseases and bean shortages.  Our recommendations have saved customers millions of dollars and have ensured the uninterrupted availability of their Vanilla requirements, without exception, regardless of external market conditions.

Next, we use a gentle “no shortcuts” extraction process that retains the most delicate aromatics and delivers a complex, full bodied flavor profile.  Our extensive product range includes Vanilla flavors, extracts, concentrates and oleoresins from every commercially viable origin.

Finally, our technical expertise enables us to maintain a consistent flavor strength and profile of our products, despite the variability of Vanilla beans, which can result from differences in weather conditions, cultivation methods and curing processes.  This consistency requires a combination of expertise in procurement, analytical methods, sensory evaluation and production techniques.

This strategic focus and expertise is the reason why product developers in the food and beverage industry who think of Vanilla, think of Virginia Dare.

To learn more, download and view this Vanilla Sell Sheet.