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Ginger Beverages

If you want to pick one hot flavor trend, look no further than ginger. A significant part of this flavor popularity is based on its flexibility as an ingredient. From candy to beer to tea, everything with ginger is cherished right now. The ginger trend reflects both the growing influence of Asian flavors and consumer demand for spicy flavors.

Consumers are well aware today of the beneficial medicinal properties associated with ginger. These include prevention of colds and flu, pain management, psoriasis, aids in digestion, arthritis relief, etc. This underlying association with health and wellness is a driving force in the growth of ginger beverages.

Ginger works really well in alcoholic beverages as a mixer, and is a top choice of bar tenders and mixologists. Ginger beer (non-alcoholic) has traditional roots in England, Australia and West Indies, and is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Ginger Beer can be mild, have a strong capsicum heat to it, or somewhere in-between.

Ginger flavor has been received incredibly well among energy drink consumers and is expected to grow as a flavor within this category. Ginger can be incorporated into a wide range of RTD teas, flavored waters, carbonates, distilled beverages and lemonade beverages as well.

Virginia Dare’s Beverage and Creation Labs have designed a series of ginger flavored beverages demonstrating the appeal of ginger in various ways.