Immunity Taste Box

Immunity Taste Box

Immunity. It has been at the top of our minds and on the tip of our tongues the past few months. In fact, a Nutrition Business Journal article posits that the supplement category will experience 25% growth this year as a result of COVID-19.

On top of this, 44% of respondents in a recent supplement-focused survey by MarketPlace indicated that they’ve adapted their diets to focus more on immunity during the pandemic. Innova Market Insights also reported that 45% of global consumers are consuming more food and beverage products that boost their immune system since COVID-19.

Immunity Taste Box

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Virginia Dare is pleased to introduce our Immunity Taste Box, featuring a range of fun and functional consumption formats with on-trend wellness flavors and perfected formulations. Our wellness flavors refer to the characterizing flavor profiles inherent of healthy or functional ingredients from botanicals to fruit such as elderberry, açaí, turmeric, ginger, and green tea.

The focus on immune support is here to stay.

While the current pandemic has pushed immunity to the forefront, consumer interest in immune support has been steadily growing over the past couple years. We now recognize the immune system is far more complex than just fighting infection, from the protection against oxidative stress to our physical and mental wellbeing to the relationship with our gut microbiome. For support, consumers are turning to antioxidant-rich foods, adaptogens, therapeutic botanicals and spices, herbal teas, superfood powders, medicinal mushrooms, fermented products, and holistic care. 

Immune Support Shot

Blood Orange Ginger Turmeric Shot

Virginia Dare’s Immune Support Shot delivers high quality functionality in a deliciously convenient wellness format. We blend turmeric, ginger, black pepper, lemon juice, vitamin C, and zinc in a small concentrated shot with natural blood orange flavor, and honey for sweetness.

Immune Support Tonic

Blueberry Basil Green Tea Tonic

Wellness beverages have become standard, quickly replacing their sugary, non-functional counterparts on store shelves. Traditionally-inspired holistic beverages are emerging as refreshing alternatives to pill, capsule, and edible forms. Virginia Dare has formulated a botanically-infused, blueberry basil-flavored Immune Support Tonic fortified with green tea polyphenols, elderberry extract, and sweetened with stevia.

Immune Support Gummies

Elderberry Gummies

Functional gummies are a popular alternative to pill and capsule supplements. Virginia Dare’s Immune Support Gummies deliver zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 with elderberry extract for the fresh, on-trend characterizing taste profile. Like many dark berries, elderberry provides immune and wellness support from antioxidants and flavonoids.

Immune Support Cookie

Double Chocolate Cookie

Virginia Dare’s Immune Support Cookie is an indulgent, naturally sweetened functional snack that blends cocoa, chocolate chips, 10 grams of whey protein, and Wellmune® beta glucan for boosting immune health. Perfect as a post-work supplement, on-the-go convenience bite, or better-for-you anytime snack.

Immune Support Coffee Latte 

Cinnamon Dolce Coffee Latte Dry Mix

Virginia Dare has brewed up a functional Immune Support Coffee Latte for your wake-up routine, second wind, or night owl alias. Consumers love nostalgic, warming sweet spices such as a cinnamon dolce latte. We combine this beloved flavor profile with an adaptogenic mushroom blend (red reishi, turkey tail, maitake) and coconut creamer for a convenient latte dry mix that supplements immune health.

Immune Support Shake

Chai Latte Probiotic Plant Protein Shake

Virginia Dare’s Immune Support Probiotic Plant Protein Shake offers an on-trend sweet spice flavor with wellness functionality. Flavor profiles such as chai latte align with top taste trends: botanicals, sweet spices, and global or culturally-inspired flavors. Our shake is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and wellness consumers alike and formulated with a plant protein blend and probiotics for gut health.

Delivering preferred taste and immune support

Reach out to your Virginia Dare representative to discuss any of the items in the Immunity Taste Box, and to commence your next product innovation!