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Virginia Dare leads the market in sourcing and processing extracts through our Taste Foundations platform, which includes our premium vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa extracts. Our long-term relationships with growers are deep, giving us a level of quality control that permits us to uphold the highest standards, while our market expertise lets us build strategic value for our partners.

Market intelligence and premium extraction processes for a consistent, stable supply of extracts

Through our Taste Foundations platform, we offer customers a stable, reliable source of premium vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa extracts. We draw upon our rich market history in all Taste Foundation products to ensure that our customers successfully navigate the challenges inherent to natural materials. Our dedicated product development teams for vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa have uncommon technical depth resulting in consistent flavor profiles despite variability in raw ingredients. Our extraction process retains the delicate aromatics of these storied ingredients to deliver taste that consumers prefer.

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Vanilla from the Market Leader

Virginia Dare maintains a consistent supply of premium vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins made from sustainable raw materials. Our deep experience with vanilla makes the company the market leader in the field and the source for preferred taste. Our unique organization at source allows for direct relationships with partnering vanilla farmers, resulting in invaluable market insights for our customers. Additionally, we practice industry-leading risk mitigation by working with a network of suppliers to reduce our dependency on any single source, minimizing market volatility and unexpected shortages for our customers.

Our proprietary extraction processes retain the most delicate vanilla aromatics, ensuring a winning consumer experience. We maintain an unmatched library of vanilla beans from all over the world, allowing us to consistently deliver the same flavor profile to your products despite the natural variations inherent to raw materials. Our dedicated vanilla developers understand that delivering winning vanillas is a pursuit drawing on science and art. We deploy both analytical tools and human expertise to deliver all of vanilla’s intricate aroma and full body.



Virginia Dare manufactures foundational concentrated tea extracts and flavors for beverages, nutritional products, desserts, and more. We offer tea in a variety of formats and specifications to meet your needs, including liquid and dry forms as well as organic and ethically sourced options. Our tea program includes tea types such as black, green, assam, oolong, and white, as well as herbal teas and fruit flavors for RTD tea beverages and complementary flavors for tea leaves. We also offer extensive tea flavor development in China, where we are the market leader on authentic tea varietals.


Coffee and Cocoa for Any Application

Virginia Dare offers an extensive portfolio of coffee and cocoa extracts and flavors. We support these flavoring ingredients with technical expertise to deliver preferred taste in these foundational taste areas, which support many successful applications. Flavor options include both liquid and dry forms and a broad variety of flavor profiles, including different coffee roasts and chocolate types.

Evolving a Historic Brand

Learn more about the motivation for our brand evolution and how it helps us serve you better.

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Bring Single Origin Tea to RTD

Virginia Dare now offers single-origin tea extracts, created in-house using tea leaves sourced from some of the world’s leading tea producers. These new origin-specific extracts are just the latest expansion to Virginia Dare’s extensive tea portfolio within the Taste Foundations platform.

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