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Lemonade Stand: Flavor Innovation Series

Adored for its fresh citrus taste, sour-sweet profile, and childhood nostalgia, lemonade is the beverage to squeeze for flavor innovation. Download a sample of our characterizing flavor profiles crafted for the citrus staple!

coffee harvest

Company Brochure

Learn about the history of the company, our product offering, and our value with the Virginia Dare company brochure (PDF).

craft soda

Taste Foundations Information Sheet

This sheet provides a quick, one-page overview of our Taste Foundations, with information on product lines and relevant applications (PDF).

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Taste Collaborations Information Sheet

Learn more about our Taste Collaborations, including taste improvement, flavors, and taste modulation, with this one-page sheet (PDF).

White Papers

Formulating Convenience for Today’s At-Home Consumer

Time is a limited resource for today’s consumer. Consumers are increasingly eating at home, buying ready-to-drink beverages, and using meal kits. However, consumers are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition, taste, or texture for convenience. Brands can drive loyalty and reach new consumers by catering to convenience and offering innovative taste experiences of their favorite foods and beverages. To this end, this paper explores trends in at-home consumption and formulation possibilities in convenience formats.

Coffee White Paper

Flavors for the New Wave of Coffee Drinks and Creamers

Coffee is a staple of our mornings, of course, but it’s quickly finding its luxurious way into other parts of our day. Coffee drinks are experiencing a surge in popularity, attributed to the availability of new and exciting flavors and convenient, ready-to-drink formulations. This white paper discusses how exotic flavors, functional ingredients, plant-based innovations and more can appeal to this blossoming category.


Overcoming Flavor Challenges in Performance Nutrition

Sports nutrition brands face three primary product development challenges: 1) selecting ingredients that effectively enhance athletes’ performance and recovery 2) offering distinctive, compelling products that stand out among an over-abundance of choices and 3) delivering a delicious, satisfying experience that will inspire repeat purchase. This white paper discusses the “must-have” ingredients for performance nutrition applications and solutions to the challenges of each.


Solving Taste Challenges in Keto: How Flavor Improvement Helps Consumers Stay on Track

Brands have opportunities to cater to the keto audience by making their lifestyle more attainable and boosting their confidence that they can indeed maintain the compliance they need to achieve the results they want. Download our white paper to learn more about how natural, foundational flavors can create opportunities for formulators and marketers to appeal to keto consumers.

vanilla pod

Vanilla Expertise: Navigating the Challenges of Natural Vanilla

The key to successful formulation with natural vanilla is to partner with a market expert, mastering best industry practices, offering unparalleled technical competency, and having unique insights into the complex realities of vanilla bean-producing countries. The rich flavor from vanilla extract is one of the world’s favorites, and Virginia Dare is its preferred supplier – read our white paper to find out why.


Beyond the Bar: Innovations and Flavor Solutions in Functional Snacking Platforms

The snacking trend has grown steadily over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Driven primarily by health and wellness snacking, consumers are increasingly prioritizing snack applications that merge convenience and nutrition, such as dried fruit, nut packs, and fruit cups. Read our white paper to learn more about specific challenges common to formulating with functional ingredients and novel platforms.


Top Trends in Beverage Formulation

The beverage market has long been incredibly dynamic and innovative, characterized by a high degree of new product development and strong competition for consumer attention. Read our white paper for insights on three emerging trends and new applications in beverage formulation to identify opportunities for innovation in the beverage market.


Plant-Based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications

As more brands add trendy, vegan-suitable applications, demand for alternative proteins like soy and pea protein has grown drastically. Virginia Dare offers the flavor expertise the industry needs to ensure preferred taste in these trending applications.


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