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Alt Drinks We Can Toast To

Zero-proof. Alt drinks. Mocktails. Whatever you call this trend, it’s thriving. People are reexamining their alcohol consumption, and alt drinks deliver. They range from true-to-taste buzzless alcohol to a premium drink that’s as detailed as a craft cocktail with a cherry on top. Alt drink flavors also extend beyond the martini glass: protein shakes, candy, bars, and more are ripe for innovation.


rise in demand for non-alcoholic beverages from 2021 to 20221


decrease in U.S. adults who drank alcohol from 2019 to 20212


Americans’ average weekly number of drinks, down from 4.02

Sources: 1NielsenIQ, Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends in the U.S.; 2Gallup Poll Social Series

Pseudo-Bar Favorites

You Can Never Have One Too Many Here

Dive deeper into the deliciously sippable world of zero-proof, where crafted drinks can hydrate or even offer functional benefits. 

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Say Cheers to The Alt Drink

Fancy alternative drink beside fresh fruit

Try a Blind Taste Test

See if you can taste the difference between the alt drink and the original. Reach out for a sample or for more information about our zero-proof portfolio.