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Premium Flavors.
Endless Applications.

Iced cold drink elevated with natural flavor essences

Label-Ready Flavoring Solutions

Premium sourcing of natural flavor essence for leading tastes

Functional or indulgent. Ready to drink or mix or fill grocery shelves. Our application flavoring solutions are as diverse as they are quality. And they’re ready for your labels, designed to meet consumer demands for the transparent and simple.  

Whether you have a specific application in mind or want to consider your options, we can help you through the product development process in health and wellness, beverage, dairy and dairy alternatives, and sweet goods. Flavor creation, masking or modulation, and characterizing flavors – no matter your needs, our natural flavor essences result in premium packaged goods. 

Tastes Like:

Organic Certified
or Compliant

Quality Assurance
International Certified Organic

Fairtrade International Certified™

Fair Trade USA Certified™

BRCGS Food Safety
AA+ Rating



SMETA Tier 4

Health & Wellness

Functional snacking; sports nutrition; well-being and mood nutrition. Our health and wellness applications run from bars to pixie sticks to gummies – and to formats you haven’t even thought of yet. With flavors that always surprise and delight.  

Did you know?

We associate certain tastes with specific functions, e.g., lavender with calming. When flavors aren’t strong enough, the perceived functional impact will change. 

Pouring a mocktail with premium flavors over ice


We mix up the RTDs, the RTMs – the drinks for fun and for function. Improve tastes, test ideas, create taste trends – we can support you in it all. Choose extracts or compounded flavors, it’s premium flavor either way. 

Did you know?

Every year, interest in alcohol-free beverages increases, but the desire for beloved tastes remains. Consumers seek the best of both worlds in sometimes surprising applications.

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Retro freezer pops with a functional twist. Plant-based milk that tastes like a bowl of fruity loops. Even shelf-stable smoothies that aren’t loaded with preservatives. Come over to our place to play in the world of dairy and dairy alternative applications.

Did you know?

Both nostalgic and highly adventurous consumers often reach for ice cream to satisfy their flavor needs, making it perfect for limited-time promotions. 

Nostalgic ice cream popsicles with natural flavor essences

Sweet Goods

It’s not just application development of baked goods or confectioneries we support. It’s understanding the industry itself – and standing out with unexpected flavor pairings that consumers can’t wait to try.  

Did you know?

Despite the overwhelming lean toward healthy food during and after the pandemic, cookies are still considered one of the most popular snack foods in the U.S. 

Premium flavors in custom desserts

Let’s Innovate.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.