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Flavor Masking Agents to Beat Bad Tastes 

Overcoming unpleasant tastes is critical to creating flavor experiences your customers will return to repeatedly. Masking flavors from Virginia Dare help formulators curb bitterness, suppress astringency, and muffle discordant off-notes.

Bitterness in green juice curbed with flavor masking agents

Masking Flavors Safeguard Sensory Experience.

In our decades of experience, we’ve seen, or shall we say tasted, it all. Medicinal. Metallic. Chalky. Harsh. Masking flavors keep off-notes from ruining taste experiences.  

Flavor masking agents from Virginia Dare take the bitter and the bite out of challenging ingredients like plant proteins and high-intensity sweeteners. Our natural masking flavors help make good first impressions and ensure a bad aftertaste isn’t the last thing they remember.  

Masking flavors for improved taste of plant-based proteins

We’ve Got the Right Mask for the Job.

Certain ingredients impart bad tastes. Masking flavors from Virginia Dare can help. Botanicals like chamomile and spices like coriander and turmeric easily overpower everything from bottled teas and ready-to-drink smoothies to canned soups and ready-to-mix sauces.  

Plant-based powders can have an earthy aroma that turns off consumers. Other times functional ingredients have almost no taste at all but must occur in large amounts to meet dosage and label goals. The confluence of tastes in high-caffeine energy drinks requires complex masking solutions, especially those with stevia or other high-intensity sweeteners.  

Virginia Dare’s flavorists have deep experience in taste improvement and know how to apply our flavor masking agents to smooth out the undesirable characteristics of in-demand ingredients.

Vanilla Extracts

Tea Extracts

Coffee Extracts

Cocoa Extracts

Applied Taste

A frothy iced beverage with natural masking flavor


Botanicals, caffeine, and high-intensity sweeteners in beverages are no match for Virginia Dare’s flavor masking agents.

Waffles made healthy with the help of flavor masking agents

Health & Wellness

Masking flavors from Virginia Dare help keep wellness-focused formulations naturally delicious.

Health & Wellness
Masking flavors in dairy or alt-dairy popsicles

Dairy & Dairy Alts

Whether dairy or alt-dairy, ice cream never tasted so good thanks to natural masking flavors from Virginia Dare.

Dairy & Dairy Alts
Natural masking flavor in a chocolate bar

Sweet Goods

Sweet treats are a joy to eat and never leave a bad taste with a little help from masking flavors for sugar-free applications.

Sweet Goods

A Passion for Flavors Drives Our Product Development Team

Over 70 years ago, we offered our first four masking agents. Since then, our portfolio has grown many times over. Today, we offer full-service flavor masking. 

Flavor masking agents for pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements

In our earliest days, Virginia Dare was an established leader in masking flavors for the pharmaceutical industry. We built on this experience and expanded our capability into masking flavors for fortified applications in health and wellness categories.

Today, our team of dedicated flavor experts works to solve the most difficult taste challenges facing formulators. At every step, from R&D to production, we are a full-service partner for masking, modulation, and more.

Characterize and Modulate Taste

Characterizing flavors define taste. Modulation refines flavors. These systems work together with masking flavors to complete the sensory experience.

Natural masking flavor enhancements derived from blueberries

Let’s Innovate.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.