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Characterizing Flavors for Original Experiences

Which flavors do consumers associate with your brand? Give them an original experience. Virginia Dare’s flavor sourcing solutions enable formulators to precisely define and refine the characteristic sensory qualities of any application. 

Ice cream cone enhanced by nostalgic characterizing flavors

Unique Tastes. Lasting Memories. 

Boldly grab shoppers’ attention with flavors inspired by their favorite cocktail. Appeal to wellness consumers with botanical blended flavors. Invite others to relive their youth with the nostalgic flavors of candy bars and cereal milk. For applications with a noticeable taste consumers won’t soon forget, rely on characterizing flavors from Virginia Dare. Formulate from the full flavor spectrum: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, fruity, exotic, botanical, nutty, creamy, and more.

Noticeable taste solutions used in a collage of sweet treats

Extracts for One-of-a-Kind Flavors.

Virginia Dare’s comprehensive capabilities for exceptionally high-quality concentrates and extracts are unrivaled. Each day, our experienced flavorists and procurement experts work with brands from every category to create characterizing flavors from our portfolio of premium vanilla, tea, coffee, cocoa, fruit, and botanical extracts and blended flavors.  

Manufacturers turn to Virginia Dare for full-service expertise in crafting signature flavors. As an industry leader in sourcing logistics for flavorings and extracts, we pay careful attention to variability in the ingredients supply chain. Our proprietary extraction processes preserve aromatic compounds to ensure our characterizing flavors are uniquely nuanced and delectably complex. 

Vanilla Extracts

Tea Extracts

Coffee Extracts

Cocoa Extracts

Portfolio of Taste

Forever Young Flavors

Return to the good ol’ days with nostalgic flavors of cotton candy, fruity cereal, funnel cake, strawberry lemonade, and more.

Forever Young

Alt Drinks Flavors

Who needs alcohol to have fun? Zero-proof cocktails and craft drinks dazzle with tropical flavors and spicy aromatics.

Alt Drinks

Elevated Classics Flavors

A chilled white tea-vanilla beverage. Chocolate pistachio ice cream. Imagine new possibilities with classic favorites updated for grown-up tastes.

Elevated Classics
Blended flavors and pure extracts from superfruits in an iced drink

Wellness Flavors

From botanicals to superfruits, Virginia Dare’s pure extracts and blended flavors capture the taste of wellness for infused waters and bottled shakes.


Expertly Blended Creativity

Change is inevitable. So, let’s innovate. Virginia Dare helps brands navigate change in consumer trends and regulatory matters. 

Chocolate dessert with toppings intensified by characterizing flavors

Blending flavors is both art and science. Virginia Dare’s expansive library of flavorings and pure extracts empowers formulators to get creative with blended flavors while maintaining the integrity of their formulations.

Our flavorists have decades of experience in helping manufacturers build authentic, original flavor systems. Whether building upon a specific target flavor or taking a more experimental approach, we offer complete flavoring solutions for every format.  

Flavor Masking and Modulation Solutions

Functional ingredients, reduced sugar, and great taste? Our masking flavors and modulation systems inhibit bitter tastes and amplify sweetness. 

Blended flavor combinations in a pink summer drink with fruit

Let’s Innovate.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.