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Find the Sweet Spot for Baking and Confectionery

Sweet goods, baked or confectionery, often take a lot of time and steps to develop. Virginia Dare’s full-service capabilities in sourcing and formulating premium sweet flavors and extracts simplify and delight. 

Baking flavors and extracts in chocolate cupcakes

Baking Flavors Since 1923

For almost a century, Virginia Dare has been a global leader in sourcing real vanilla and formulating with its inimitable flavor. And for nearly as long, we’ve partnered with manufacturers to produce everything from snack cakes and cookies to gummies and hard candy. We are passionately committed to getting the most out of every brownie, every cupcake, every bite.  

Create premium experiences of classic flavors with refined, mature versions of popular favorites like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Formulate with functional ingredients and less sugar with our taste modulation and masking solutions. Virginia Dare’s expert flavorists are here to advise formulators on extracts for baking and confectionery applications.

Chocolate covered desserts made from extracts for baking

Sweet Tooth Approved

Vanilla baking flavors and extracts in a slice of layered cake


Nothing compares to the taste of real vanilla bean in snack bar and cake formulations. Discover Virginia Dare’s collection of vanilla flavor extracts for baking.

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Tea extracts for baking poured in a drink over ice


Be bold with matcha and chai tea flavors. Or be subtle with oolong and green teas. Explore Virginia Dare’s wide-ranging catalog of tea flavorings.

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Chocolate drizzled desserts using coffee extracts for baking


Coffee imparts depth of character to sweet goods. Virginia Dare’s dry and liquid coffee flavor extracts give distinctive flavor to snack cakes and more.

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Desserts baked with flavors and extracts from cocoa


Coatings. Fillings. Chips and chunks. Customize bold cocoa flavoring systems to fit perfectly into sweet baked goods and confectionery applications.

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Leaders in Flavorings for Sweet Goods 

Sweet goods are a sweet spot for Virginia Dare flavorists and formulators. 

Warm cookies made with our master flavorists

At Virginia Dare, we are passionate about collaboration and innovation. That’s why we are full-service partners with our customers for developing and implementing custom flavoring systems. Our team of seasoned flavorists work with formulators start to finish, from R&D to the production floor. We offer best-in-class solutions for sourcing flavors and extracts for baking and confectionery.  

Formulating sweets comes with challenges. In high protein and fiber-fortified baked goods, flavors can be overpowered. Stevia and other high-intensity sweeteners leave a displeasing aftertaste in hard candy and gummy applications. Virginia Dare’s taste modulation and flavor masking solutions allow formulators to fine-tune sweet experiences.

Oh-So-Sweet Baked Goods 

In baked applications, sweetness comes in layers. Sweeteners flavor doughs, coatings, and fillings of all kinds. But today’s consumers want less added sugar in their diets.  

Sugar reduction trends shouldn’t stand in the way of great taste. Virginia Dare’s taste modulation solutions bring forth sweetness in formulations and give body to sweetening systems that rely on non-sugar sweeteners like stevia.

Extracts for baking cookies with less sugar
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle


Candy, chewing gum and other sweets in 2022 cost 12% more than prior year1


$1.9 billion: one-year snack cake dollar sales2


More than 1-in-3 consumers are interested in single serving baked goods, such as a piece of cake3 

Sources: 1U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; 2IRI, Mar. 2022-Mar. 2023 center store snack cake category; 3Mintel

Hard Confectioneries Made Easy 

Give classic hard candy a modern update with exciting pure extracts like kiwi, pomegranate, and wintergreen mint. Hard confectioneries are excellent vehicles for mouthwatering tropical flavors, tantalizing exotic fruits, and spicy notes like cinnamon and allspice. Chocolate and caramel flavors provide satisfying, long-lasting sensory experience in hard confectionery formats.

Flavor extracts for baking suckers and hard confectioneries
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle
Baking flavors and extracts in jellybeans and soft confectioneries

Get Creative with Soft Confectioneries

Soft applications like gummies and marshmallows are the perfect platform for innovative flavor combinations. Sweet and sour fruit chews. Savory and buttery jellybeans. With pure extract flavorings from Virginia Dare, characteristic flavors are the star in soft confectionery. Let’s get creative!