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Overflowing with Flavor Extracts for Beverages

We are a full-service beverage flavoring company with a library that spans the RTD gamut. Improve taste. Test ideas. Create taste trends. Whatever your flavor needs, we can mix up a premium solution.

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Health and wellness in a bottle

Athletes, gamers, corporate professionals, students – these highly disparate markets have one thing in common: They all buy functional RTD beverages. Their reasons are different; sports nutrition, leveling up performance, energy and focus, mood influencing. But the RTD applications they reach for are often the same. Bubbly waters, infused spritzers, elixirs, juices, tonics, and shots.  

The functional ingredient list is growing every year and each one comes with flavor difficulties, particularly in beverage form. Adaptogenic mushrooms that impart a bitter, earthy aftertaste, for example. With our beverage development expertise and our ever-growing portfolio of wellness in all its flavors, we have the functionally inspired taste profiles for the modern wellness brand. 


Drink Up Delicious Extracts



Lavender-Vanilla functional bubbly or a Vanilla Cardamom energy drink – with premium vanilla extracts from a world leader in industrial vanilla production.

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Orange Cinnamon Iced Tea In Glasses


Hot Cinna-Citrus Peel Green Tea. Chilled Banana Nut Chai. The flavor pairings are endless with our single-source and all-natural tea products.

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Iced Refreshing Coffee Or Latte. Chocolate Drinks In Glass Bottles


Functional coffees that come with an extra kick – Cold Brew Açaí, Pumpkin Blueberry Nitro – always with a bold, smooth profile.

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Close-up Of A Bottle Of Cocoa And A Doughnut


A Red Velvet Cake and Toffee protein drink. Hot chocolate and marshmallows milk. Our chocolate flavor library offers the indulgent, the unexpected.

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Greater Than Taste.
Full Flavor Expertise.

We are more than a beverage flavor manufacturer. We’re your partner in the entire RTD development process.

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Flavor is greater than creating taste, though that in itself is an art. Flavor is also about overcoming taste challenges. With intricate refinement, creative masking and modulation, and distinguished characterizing. It’s ensuring you can perform vital taste tests in a dedicated beverage lab with emulsion expertise and lab-scale UHT processing capabilities. And, of course, the ability to prototype your RTD products.  

At Virginia Dare, we have it all. Our capabilities draw on the knowledge of our dedicated flavorists and food scientists, the conceptual foresight of our market experts, and over 100 years of being in the business. We’re your full-flavor partner in top-shelf beverage applications. 

A Powder That’s the Whole Package.

The powdered drink category is rapidly moving beyond the sugary, overly processed ways of the past. Consumers are more often demanding function, delicious taste, and a great sensory experience – hard to come by when mitigating threats like degradation and solubility. From supplements to high-performance proteins to soft drinks, our application expertise can help your packaged powders offer the highest quality sensory experience.