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Perfect Flavor with Taste Modulation

Need to extend sweetness? Intensify saltiness? Add body and texture? Virginia Dare’s taste modulation systems excel at perfecting flavor experiences. We offer flavoring solutions to balance, enhance, or inhibit the sensory effects of ingredients. 

Flavor enhancers in fresh baked chocolate brownies

Bring Out the Best in Your Formulation

Consumers want clean labels, more fiber, more protein, less sugar, less salt, and wholesome ingredients. At the same time, foods and beverages must meet their taste expectations. 

Formulating for functionality often involves dull tastes and off-notes. Virginia Dare’s taste modulation solutions bring out the natural flavor essence of ingredients. Our solutions enhance tastes of sweetness, increase umami, and brighten flavors to heighten sensory experiences.  

Taste modulation brightens flavors in health shakes
Healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients on a kitchen board.

Take Charge of Functional Ingredients

Has fiber fortification added unwanted flavors? Are plant proteins creating chalky textures? Or maybe your fitness formulation leaves the bitter aftertaste of caffeine and BCAAs?  

The health benefits of functional ingredients often come at the cost of an application’s flavor experience. Taste modulators from Virginia Dare put formulators in control over the flavor.  

From plant proteins and fiber to caffeine and amino acids, our flavoring solutions regulate sensory experiences for a wide range of ingredients and applications. Virginia Dare offers full-service taste modulation solutions to manufacturers wanting to reduce salt or sugar and meet label requirements for their ideal product.  

Relaxation & Mood Flavors

Immune Support Flavors

Beautifying Flavors

Digestive Health Flavors

Endless Applications

Iced drink has elevated taste without added sugar

Beverage Flavors

Beverage formulators use Virginia Dare flavoring solutions to build body and intensify sweetness without added sugar.

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Protein bar improved by flavor enhancement

Health and Wellness

Wellness applications can taste great. Virginia Dare offers flavoring solutions for protein bars, nutrition drinks, and beyond.

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Dairy and alt-dairy ice cream taste modulation solutions

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Find out what makes Virginia Dare a leader in premium flavors for ice cream, yogurts, and other dairy and alt-dairy applications.

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Enhance taste in desserts and confectionery treats

Sweet Goods

Virginia Dare captures the natural flavor essence of ingredients to make unique experiences in desserts, confectionery, and more.

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Get the Full Experience 

Virginia Dare’s team of experts in premium flavors often help food and beverage brands navigate FDA regulatory requirements for taste modulation. 

Rice crispy dessert pops crafted with flavor enhancers

Taste modulation solutions from Virginia Dare give formulators precision tools for crafting original sensory experiences. As always, we are here to help every step of the way. Every day, our flavorists work directly with manufacturers to modulate tastes and fine-tune flavors.  

Virginia Dare provides full-service taste modulation, including helping meet label goals and FDA requirements. Our versatile taste modulation portfolio complements masking agents and characterizing flavors. 

Fine-Tune Taste with Masking and Characterizing Flavors 

Craft original flavors. Fine-tune formulations. Characterizing and masking solutions from Virginia Dare make the difference in sensory experience.

Gooey chocolate treat with taste enhanced by custom flavor combinations

Let’s Innovate.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.