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Harness the Flavor of Health and Wellness

Flavoring for wellness creates opportunities to target nutrition categories and make the most of consumer health trends. Virginia Dare’s botanical, floral, fruit, and herbal flavors give formulators tools to capture the essence of health and wellness. 

Flavors for protein powder mixed in a green drink

Endless Innovation with Flavors of Health.

Health and wellness consumers come in all ages and forms, but they share one thing in common: a distinct flavor palate. Therapeutic botanicals. Superfood powders. Medicinal mushrooms. It’s no surprise flavoring for wellness makes brands stand out to health-oriented shoppers.  

Reach them with flavors inspired by antioxidant-rich açaì, elderberry, goji, and pomegranate. Craft aromatic experiences with herbal extracts like basil, green tea, and sage. Conquer bitter and medicinal tastes with flavor modulation and masking flavors. Explore Virginia Dare’s diverse catalog of wellness-inspired flavors for protein powder, flavor concentrates for beverages, sports nutrition drink flavoring, and much more.  

Flavoring for wellness using fresh fruit like pomegranate

The Taste of Wellness 

Vanilla made into flavor concentrates for beverages


There’s no substitute for natural vanilla. Chemical imitations won’t do in health and wellness applications. Turn to Virginia Dare for the real thing.

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Tea used in flavoring for wellness


Flavor concentrates for hibiscus lemonade. Earl grey ice cream with nuances of black tea and bergamot. There’s a tea for every occasion and application. Distinctive floral notes of teas tantalize the senses in milk-based drinks, ice cream, and more.

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Coffee bean extracts used in flavors for protein powder


Distinctive coffee flavorings add character and depth to health and wellness formulations and help to mask the taste of functional ingredients.

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Cocoa beans provide flavoring for wellness


Cocoa is an antioxidant powerhouse and a staple of nutrition drink flavoring. Inspire the taste of wellness with cocoa extracts in liquid and dry formats.

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Experts in Flavoring for Health  

Capture the essence of health and wellness with Virginia Dare’s complete flavor capabilities.  

Powder in flavor concentrates for beverages that support wellness

Virginia Dare has comprehensive capabilities in flavoring for wellness. Along with our expansive collection of flavors for protein powder, flavor concentrates for beverages, and nutrition drink flavoring solutions, we offer our decades of formulation experience to our partners.  

Every day, we work with formulators to apply and optimize our custom flavor solutions. Our formulation experts help manufacturers develop original characterizing flavor profiles. And when non-sugar sweeteners are called for, we help formulators navigate masking agents and taste modulators to neutralize bitter or metallic aftertastes. Virginia Dare is a full-service partner in flavorings for health and wellness. 

Sports Nutrition Flavoring Champions

Bring wellness flavors to sports nutrition in electrolyte gels and powder sticks flavored with enticing pure extracts of ginger, green tea, or pomegranate. Explore herbal flavors like basil, peppermint, and thyme in pre-workout mixes and recovery snacks. Or imagine a RTD protein shake with a hint of cardamom, a dash of nutmeg, and softly lingering aromatic notes of anise. The possibilities of wellness flavors are limitless. 

Hydrate for Health and Wellness 

Virginia Dare’s collection of herbal and botanical flavorings inspire health appeal in infused waters and hydration drinks. Our flavor masking and modulation systems overcome unwanted tastes from vitamin and mineral enrichment. As demand for health and wellness hydration grows, our full-service team is here to help formulators make uniquely refreshing experiences. 

Flavors for protein powder that refresh after a running workout
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle


US consumers who love trying new and exciting flavors


Global consumers who consume more immune-boosting foods and beverages


U.S. consumers who look to cut sugar

Sources: Innova and IFIC

Flavoring for wellness in snacks rolled in sesame seeds
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle

Flavor Fortified
Functional Snacks 

Protein and mineral fortified snacks pack a nutritional punch, but the flavor of functional ingredients leaves much to be desired. Virginia Dare’s taste modulation and masking solutions inhibit off-notes and help the right flavors shine. Reduce sugar in protein bars and coatings. Balance high-intensity sweeteners in gummies. Offset saltiness in electrolyte applications.  Discover what’s possible in functional snacks.

Calming Flavors for Mood and Well-Being 

Applications to support mood and well-being are trending across categories from supplements to food and beverage. Aromatics like chamomile and lavender instill feelings of calm and relaxation in bottled teas and flavored waters. Use the flavor of spices like coriander and clove in hot drink mixes and powdered soups to comfort the soul with warm familiarity. Tap into mood enhancement with pure flavor botanical extracts from Virginia Dare. 

lavor concentrates for beverages that support mood
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle