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Discover Distinctive Dairy Flavorings and Alt-Dairy Solutions

Smooth. Full-bodied. Rich cream flavors. Dairy and alt-dairy formats are defined by distinct tastes and irresistible textures. Craft and fine-tune sensory experiences in ice creams, yogurts, creamers, and more with premium dairy flavoring.

Ice cream flavoring in a glass of alt-dairy milk

Refined Tastes. In a Bowl or Cup.

Plant-based and dairy-based milks give body and texture to shakes and smoothies. Home baristas get creative with flavored creamers to personalize their favorite coffee drinks. In so many ways, consumers use dairy and dairy alternatives to customize how they experience their favorite flavors.

As dairy and alt-dairy categories have grown, we’ve grown our portfolio of specialized flavor solutions. With Virginia Dare dairy flavoring solutions, yogurts and milks are a formulator’s playground for innovation. Our ice cream flavoring solutions provide smooth mouthfeel and creamy flavors to frozen treats. And our flavor modulation and masking agents overcome the challenges that come with plant-based proteins and functional ingredients.  

Dairy flavoring solutions for yogurts and milks

Stir in Ultimate Flavor

Cream flavors in a vanilla ice cream dessert


It’s a dream come true when real vanilla teams up with creamy dairy textures. Pair with fruit extracts or dark chocolate chunks for a match made in heaven.

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Bowl of dessert with ice cream flavored from tea


Tea flavors are staples of beverages and beyond. The distinctive floral notes of teas tantalize the senses in milk-based drinks, ice cream, and more.

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Dairy flavoring in an iced coffee


Oat milk lattes and ready-to-drink frozen coffees. Flavored creamers and syrups for the at-home barista. Coffee perfectly pairs with dairy flavorings.

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Cream flavor in iced cocoa drinks


Chocolate milk could be so much more. Add complexity and depth to dairy formats with our diverse range of cocoa flavors and chocolate flavoring products.

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Label-First Dairy and Alt-Dairy 

Virginia Dare’s flavor experts are adept partners for crafting dairy and alt-dairy experiences. 

Ice cream flavoring for milk in a bottle

At Virginia Dare, we are full-service partners in flavor for brands and manufacturers. From research and development to the production line, our team of flavorists and formulators work with our partners from start to finish to engineer and implement custom flavor solutions.  

Our full-service taste modulation solutions help brands achieve their label goals and reduce sugar and salt in formulations without loss in quality. For bitter tastes and off-notes from functional ingredients, we offer a full range of masking flavors. Whether developing characterizing flavors or adjusting existing formulations, our team is here every step of the way. 

Shake Things Up in Shakes and Smoothies

Dairy and alt-dairy ingredients are perfect for flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, or tropical fruit in shake and smoothie applications. For these formats, flavor is the key differentiator. Virginia Dare’s flavor solutions help formulators liven up those plant-based RTM protein shake powders and bring some variety to RTD superfood smoothies.

Unforgettable Frozen Treats 

As a global leader in real vanilla flavor, Virginia Dare’s flavorists know a thing or two about ice cream and frozen popsicles. That’s why manufacturers partner with us to innovate new experiences in cold treats. With novel flavors like cereal milk and candy favorites, consumers take a trip down memory lane every time they open the freezer case.

Cream flavors in a frozen popsicle treat
Pink strawberry icecream popsicle


of consumers of plant-based alternatives also bought cow’s milk 


2022 global sales of plant-based milk, cheese, and yogurt 


Each year, U.S. adults on average eat about 20 pounds of ice cream  

Pink strawberry icecream popsicle

Great Taste in
Plant-Based Milk 

Formulating alt-dairy milk applications comes with flavor challenges. High-protein ingredients sometimes impart chalkiness and earthy aromas. Enriching formulations with vitamins and minerals can affect taste quality. Virginia Dare’s flavor modulation and masking solutions overcome these issues and more. 

New Opportunities in Flavored Milk and Creamers 

Some say we are living in a golden age of flavored milk and creamer applications. Consumers have unprecedented access to flavored milks and creamers, both dairy and plant-based. From chocolate flavorings to fruity formulations, Virginia Dare has specialized dairy flavoring solutions.

Pink strawberry icecream popsicle