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A Taste for
Timeless Sweet Sustainable

Premium extracts. Custom Flavors.
Application development. Innovate with Taste.

For over 100 years, Virginia Dare has worked alongside our partners to develop products delivering preferred taste. We are a global provider offering services from our headquarters in Carteret, New Jersey and around the world. 

Extract the best

A proprietary extraction process. An industry-leading portfolio of premium, sustainably sourced liquid or dry extracts and concentrates. For the food, beverages, and snacks of a lifetime.

Ice cream cone using vanilla extracts

Vanilla Extracts

Rooibos Tea In A Transparent Thermos Mug On The Table

Tea Extracts

Pouring Cream In Iced Coffee In Rocks Glass

Coffee Extracts

Chocolate Cupcakes With Butter Cream Tops On Wooden Table.

Cocoa Extracts

Create. Characterize.
Refine. Improve Your Taste.

Our solutions for flavor creation and taste refinement add characterizing flavors, mask off-notes, and fine-tune specific taste attributes.

Become a Preferred Product

From functional foods and beverages to dairy alternatives and confections, our flavorists, food scientists, and product developers partner with you to create applications made for the top shelf.

  • Fruity cereal milk protein shakes
  • Blueberry bramble crisp ice cream
  • Cardamom-mocha oat milk lattes
  • On-trend tastes in a range of segments.
  • Blackberry-matcha meal replacements
  • Maple-chai cream liqueurs
  • Meyer lemon vanilla seltzers
  • The flavor potential is endless.

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Creating Flavor That Transcends Time. For 100 Years.

Flavor is more than a taste of the moment. It is a timeless journey to the past, filling the senses with all the sights, sounds, and textures experienced over a lifetime. It’s a glimpse into the future, into the potential of tomorrow and where taste can take us. Then. Now. Flavor is forever.

Consistent. Reliable. Premium.
Full-Service Flavor.

Our taste expertise expands the entire application development process, from ideation to creation. Partner with Virginia Dare for support through flavor concept ideation, testing and development, navigating regulatory matters, and staying up to date on the latest in taste. All honed over the course of 100 years.


person writing on whiteboard with sticky notes

Product Development

ice cream bars


man working in factory

Industry Expertise

person holding juice bottles