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Flavor Masking: Challenges and Opportunities for Health and Wellness Beverages

Virginia Dare discusses functional beverage trends, projected wellness insight, and off-taste flavor masking expertise.

As more beverages offer consumers a host of nutraceuticals and botanicals for overall and condition-specific nourishment, the challenge of overcoming strong or unsavory notes arises. Expert taste masking along with providing indulgent and globally-inspired flavor combinations can help make functional beverages a sustainable hit among a growing consumer base seeking nutritional and tasty fortification.

Taste perception and flavor preferences are subjective, varying from consumer to consumer. Bitter taste, for example, is a positive attribute to some consumers regardless of the product, while some find it appealing only in specific items like coffee or dark chocolate; others consider bitterness completely offensive. Virginia Dare delivers preferred taste
to our customers—that is, what their consumers prefer or consider a positive or negative attribute. Our natural masking systems are product
and application specific, designed to selectively block off-taste, unappealing mouthfeel, and unfavorable qualities while allowing the perception of positive flavor characteristics.

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