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Healthy beverage market appeals to range of consumer demands

Beverages are a part of our every day and often key components of our routines. As we look for more ways to boost our health and nutrition throughout our days, beverages are a natural fit. Nutraceuticals World just featured Virginia Dare’s Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo in an article on this very topic!

“Health and wellness-inspired flavors are an area where we’re seeing piqued interest as a result of the pandemic, as certain ingredients invoke flavors associated with health and well-being,” he says in the article. “Dark berries such as acai, elderberry, and goji are known as rich sources of antioxidants, while ginger and mushrooms are known for anti-inflammatory properties.”

Looking for the next wellness-inspired flavor to use in your next product innovation? Read the full article, and then get in touch!