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Kombucha and Functional Beverages

According to marketing research firm SPINS, probiotic juices and functional beverages have grown by 31.2%—and more than $100 million in sales—since last year. The kombucha market alone grew 41% to $534 million in 2016. Growth for functional beverages is expected to continue as consumers come to expect more from their beverages.

While technology has made significant advancements to aid in the addition of functional ingredients to beverage, like microencapsulation, there are other factors hindering growth of the category. Lack of consumer awareness is becoming less of an issue as functional beverages become more mainstream. A higher price point may also give consumers second thoughts. The greatest challenge, especially for naturally functional beverages like kombucha, is taste.

Flavor options are growing by the day hoping to pique trial interest. But with contents like B vitamins, lactic and acetic acids, and probiotics, a characterizing flavor has a lot to overcome.

As the leaders in delivering preferred taste, our flavorists and food technologists are prepared to help you create functional beverages that taste great. Our masking flavors can assist in overcoming or muting the vinegar-like taste of kombucha, bitter qualities of added vitamins, off-notes from probiotics, or any other challenges your functional beverage may present, allowing you to deliver the consistent flavor profile your customers expect. To learn more about our formulation capabilities, please get in touch.