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Lemonade Stand: A taste collection to squeeze

Adored for its fresh citrus taste, sour-sweet profile, and childhood nostalgia, lemonade is the beverage to squeeze for flavor innovation. It’s the perfect platform for highlighting unique and exotic flavors like botanicals or tropical fruit. It’s ever-evolving, a hybrid hotspot, the darling of seasonal LTOs, a kid-friendly favorite, the sweetheart of sour—a MAGICAL profile that works everywhere!

Fun-flavored RTD and dry mix lemonades, sparkling waters, kombucha, alcohol-based drinks like hard seltzers or RTD cocktails, gummies, sports drinks, confections, etcetera.

Virginia Dare is here to inspire some LEMONADE LOVE with our latest taste collection, Lemonade Stand. Fill out the form below to download a sample of our characterizing flavor profiles crafted for the citrus staple!