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Familiar Favorites with a Twist

Elevated Classics are the mature version of the most popular flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. When you’re a kid you crave chocolate. When you’re an adult you’re intrigued by chai chocolate chip. They mix the nostalgic, broad appeal of the vanilla ice cream you ate as a child with a more adventurous, premium palate. 


of consumers rate traditional flavors as the most influential in food and drink.1 


of global consumers love to discover new flavors.2 


flavor compounds in a strawberry create room to play. 

Sources: 1FMCG Gurus, Flavor, Color & Texture: New Flavors are Sparking Consumer Interest; 2Innova Market Insights, Global Emerging Flavor Trends Insider Report 

The Comforting Made Adventurous

You Can Never Have One Too Many Here

Dive deeper into the deliciously sippable world of zero-proof, where crafted drinks can hydrate or even offer functional benefits. 

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Say Cheers to The Alt Drink

Striped vanilla and chocolate pops as an example of elevated foods

Let’s Discover the Next Big Flavor

Reach out with your product idea. Our team specializes in bringing flavors to life or reimagining the classics in fresh ways.