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Clean Label Taste

Beverage and Food Extracts, Concentrates, and Oleoresins

Liquid or powder. Extracts and flavorings and concentrates. Whatever your food or beverage ingredient needs, the Virginia Dare Taste Foundations portfolio has the premium, sustainably sourced solution.  

Our stable, reliable sources of premium vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa uphold the highest regulatory standards and ethical sourcing. Our technical team uses a proprietary extraction process to provide consistent flavor profiles no matter the raw ingredient. So your products provide the delicate aromatics and exceptional taste your consumers demand.  

In addition to clean label extract and flavor options like natural, all-natural, gluten-free, allergen-free, PG-free, and Whole Foods compliant, Virginia Dare offers the following certifications when available.

Tastes Like Certified:

Organic Certified
or Compliant

Quality Assurance
International Certified Organic

Fairtrade International Certified™

Fair Trade USA Certified™

BRCGS Food Safety
AA+ Rating



SMETA Tier 4


As a leader in industrial vanilla suppliers, we maintain a consistent supply of premium vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins based on a sustainable model built upon years of boots-on-the-ground relationships. 

Did you know?

Vanilla flavor profiles are highly dependent upon their surroundings during growing and curing. Same plant, so many different tastes. 

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Simple. Natural. Essential. Virginia Dare tea products bring quality, taste, and aroma to a broad range of applications. Natural and organic – we produce a comprehensive selection of tea extracts and concentrates, plus a portfolio of herbal tea profiles. 

Did you know?

Beyond organic and natural, consumers want to know the source of their ingredients. Our single-origin tea ingredients offer the transparency you’re looking for. 


Delicate flavor. Complex aromatics. Our coffee beans are extracted into the purely indulgent, the cleanly functional. Just like most coffee connoisseurs, our bean selection is just that – selective. Whether that’s for food flavoring or cold brew beverages, it’s always premium flavor. 

Did you know?

Coffee flavor extraction processes impact everything – flavor, body, aroma, and acidity, making it the most crucial step in the product development process.

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World-renowned cocoa. Consumer-approved cocoa extracts and chocolate flavorings. With an extensive chocolate flavor library ranging from earthy to sweet to malty, and enough pairings to make your mouth water, our diverse portfolio adds quality and dimension to any application. 

Did you know?

Cocoa and chocolate have some of the most diverse flavor profiles, offering tastes ranging from buttery to roasted, creamy to woody. Because of this, it’s a widely complimentary ingredient. 

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