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The Art & Science of Vanilla

Virginia Dare is the premiere source for all-natural, pure vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins made from sustainable raw materials. Our unrivaled market intelligence and premium extraction processes deliver a consistent, stable supply of vanilla.

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Vanilla from the Market Leader

Our processing center in the heart of Madagascar’s vanilla growing region allows us to maintain direct relationships with the farmers whose outstanding product is the foundation for the reliability, quality, and consistency that makes us one of the world’s largest vanilla extract manufacturers. Beyond Madagascar, we circumvent the globe from the hills of Uganda to the shores of the Indonesian archipelago to find the world’s best vanillas. Virginia Dare’s deep history has set us apart as a market leader for vanilla and the source for preferred taste.

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Responsible. Sustainable. Sourcing with Resiliency.

Virginia Dare Madagascar invests deeply in farmers, their cooperatives, and their families. We work to secure farmer resiliency through crop diversification programs, protect ecosystems through agroforestry initiatives, and empower vanilla-farming families through financial inclusion schemes such as village savings, loan associations, and micro-credit offerings. In partnership with local conservationists and universities, we are working to ensure a stable and prosperous future for the vanilla market and better livelihoods for smallholder farmers. Our vanilla is certified by both the Organic Trade Association and Fairtrade (Flocert).

We are a founding member of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, committed to continuing and expanding ethical sourcing practices. Trust. Teamwork. Honesty. Respect. Dignity. These principles guide us throughout the vanilla supply chain, helping us lead the industry in sustainable models. 

Our approach is intended to achieve income diversification among smallholder farmers, part of which is achieved through delivering financial education and revenue diversification that empowers participating household members. 

Vanilla Flavor Library

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Madagascar Vanilla Extracts

Known as the market reference, Madagascar vanilla has a sweet, fruity, and creamy flavor with rich notes of fig and prune with a touch of caramel.

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Ugandan Vanilla Extracts

A similar sweet, creamy taste to Madagascar vanilla with added hints of cacao and leather.

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Tahitian Vanilla Extracts

Rich almond, anise, and marshmallow flavor with a ripe, cherry note.

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Indonesian Vanilla Extracts

Earthy and smokey, with more complex notes of spicy flavors and a woody finish.

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Exact Cultivation

Vanilla is the only flavoring subject to a federal standard of identity by the FDA. And our Vanilla can stand up to it. So whether you’re a US customer or navigating an international supply chain, let us help you through regulatory matters every step of the way.

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The vanilla bean has one of the most sophisticated cultivation processes for any spice. It demands an artful hand to pollinate each individual flower and requires a time- and labor-intensive curing process to develop its distinct flavor.

The nuanced flavor and aroma of Virginia Dare’s premium vanilla comes from working with growers who remain dedicated to the traditional harvesting of the fruit pods, curing, and extraction process. They understand that delivering the gold-standard in vanilla is a pursuit that draws equally on science and art, on unwavering passion.

We deploy both analytical tools and human expertise during our proprietary extraction process to retain vanilla’s delicate, natural aromatics and full body, ensuring a consistent, flavorful consumer experience.

Nothing Vanilla About Our Applications

From dairy to dairy alternatives to premium confectioneries to flavoring wellness, our application development capabilities help your product make big flavor waves.

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Let’s Innovate.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.