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Celebrating 100 years of taste

Thank you for visiting us at IFT! This year’s show is a particularly exciting one for the team at Virginia Dare: it’s the one where we celebrate our centennial. See below to download spec sheets for the samples that you savored at the show.

Blueberry Granola Iced Oatmilk Latte

A playful Blueberry Granola flavored oatmilk latte that stirs up a balance between refreshing and indulgent.


Spiced Peach Cobbler Black Tea Refresher

An elevated peach dessert flavored tea beverage that sips as a mashup and tastes like the comfort of nostalgia.


Sparkling Jasmine Nojito Zero-Proof Cocktail

An alcohol-free sparkling cocktail handcrafted with rum, sugarcane, lemon-lime, mint, and jasmine flavors.


Tropical Lychee Whey Protein Shake Mix

A refreshingly exotic protein shake sporting an adventurous blend of lychee, melon, and mango flavors.


Salted Maple Pecan Brittle Whey Protein Shake Mix

A sophisticated sweet and salty pecan brittle protein shake indulgently elevated with maple and toffee flavors.


Fruity Rainbow Candy Vitamin Pixy Sticks

Deliver the FUN in functional. Adulthood has been canceled—taste the alternative.


Superberry Lemonade EPA/DHA Gummies

Taste-perfected EPA+DHA supplement gummies with a Superberry Lemonade profile and specialized fish oil masking flavor.


Functional Fruit Snacks for Relaxation & Immunity

Moodfluencing strawberry fruit snacks for relaxation support and bodyboosting blueberry fruit snacks for immune support made from wholesome fruits, vegetables, and botanical extracts.