Vanilla Expertise: Navigating the Challenges of Natural Vanilla

Vanilla Expertise: Navigating the Challenges of Natural Vanilla

Doing vanilla right is an art. It’s a slow art – one that requires both an intimate knowledge of the ingredient and an absolute dedication to the craft of its harvesting, curing, and extraction. After five generations, sustainable vanilla remains our life’s work.

Historically the standard against which the rest of the industry’s quality is measured, Virginia Dare’s vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins deliver the rich and complex flavor and aroma that define the ingredient.

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Real vanilla, real expertise

The key to successful formulation with natural vanilla is to partner with a market expert, mastering best industry practices, offering unparalleled technical competency, and having unique insights into the complex realities of vanilla bean-producing countries. To this end, Virginia Dare has a team of dedicated vanilla specialists, all working as part of a business within a business. Purpose-built vanilla labs, state of the art vanilla extraction facilities, and dedicated application and formulation support are just parts of the Virginia Dare difference.

Learn from the market leader in natural vanilla

Create a vanilla-focused masterpiece

All artists have a different medium – ours is vanilla. We sat down with Natural Products INSIDER to discuss it. Click here to listen to the SupplySide Stories podcast!

A business case for vanilla sustainability

We presented a webinar through the International Dairy Foods Association to discuss the sustainability initiatives in place for vanilla smallholders – tune in at this link!

Supporting smallholders in Madagascar

We’re proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, a privately sponsored program aimed at reforming the smallholder vanilla sector in Madagascar.

Delivering preferred taste and vanilla innovation

Virginia Dare is the premier source for premium vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins made from sustainable raw materials. Our unrivaled market intelligence and premium extraction processes deliver a consistent, stable supply of vanilla. Contact us today to start the conversation!