Virginia Dare is the premiere source for premium vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins made from sustainable raw materials. Our unrivaled market intelligence and premium extraction processes deliver a consistent, stable supply of vanilla.

It is the taste of indulgence and nostalgia. The rich, creamy taste of real vanilla is so sought after, it is the only flavoring subject to a federal standard of identity by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


Virginia Dare’s deep history has set us apart as a market leader for vanilla and the source for preferred taste. Our local operations and long-term relationships with growers in Madagascar are the foundation for reliable sourcing, quality, and consistency that make us one of the world’s largest industrial suppliers for vanilla products.

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The art & science of vanilla

Vanilla is an art that requires passion and dedication. The growers we work with understand that delivering the gold-standard in vanilla is a pursuit that draws equally on science and art.

The vanilla bean has one of the most sophisticated cultivation processes for any spice and requires an artful hand to pollinate each individual flower in order to render vanilla pods for harvesting. A key step in developing the distinct flavor of natural vanilla, the curing process is also a time-intensive, hands-on pursuit. The nuanced flavor and aroma of Virginia Dare’s premium vanilla comes from working with growers who remain dedicated to the traditional harvesting, curing, and extraction process of the fruit pods.

We deploy both analytical tools and human expertise during our proprietary extraction process to retain vanilla’s delicate, natural aromatics and full body, ensuring a consistent, flavorful consumer experience.

Madagascar vanilla

Our local presence in Madagascar allows for direct relationships with partnering vanilla growers and invaluable market insights for our customers. One of four locations in the world where the flavorful bourbon vanilla bean is grown, Madagascar’s smallholder farms are a cottage industry that supplies 80% of the world’s vanilla demand. Working with a network of suppliers reduces our dependency on any single source, and our industry-leading risk mitigation practices minimize market volatility and unexpected shortages for our customers.

Real vanilla flavor consistency

Maintaining operations at the source ensures the highest standards of quality and a consistent flavor strength and profile – despite variability in beans and growing conditions. We also maintain an unmatched library of vanilla beans from around the world, allowing us to deliver the same flavor profile despite the natural variations inherent in the raw materials.

Regulatory expertise

The taste of real vanilla is a complex array of flavor notes and aromas that combines to deliver an inimitable taste experience – the only flavoring subject to a federal standard of identity by the FDA.

Virginia Dare’s extensive domestic and international regulatory expertise and our long-term relationships with growers ensure we uphold the highest regulatory standards. Our ingredients deliver robust transparency and meet the highest certification standards for natural, non-GMO, organic certified, organic compliant, Kosher certified, Halal certified, Fair Trade Certified™ and Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Virginia Dare is an active member (with leadership roles) of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI). Our operations were BRC AA certified in 2019 by SAI Global.

Sustainability & responsible sourcing

As one of the founding members of the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, a privately sponsored program aimed at reforming the smallholder vanilla sector, we invest in the Sava region of Madagascar. Our commitment to the region is why we continue to lead the industry in sustainability and responsibility throughout the vanilla bean supply chain.

Virginia Dare’s operations are registered with Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX); we operate with the highest ethical principles of trust, teamwork, honesty, and respect for the rights and dignity of others.

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