Taste Improvement

Custom Flavors and Taste Refinement

From flavor creation to taste refinement, Virginia Dare’s Taste Improvement platform draws on the expertise of our dedicated flavorists and food scientists to deliver preferred taste in any application.

Through our Taste Improvement platform, Virginia Dare’s skilled product developers collaborate with you to ensure that your products have taste that consumers love. Our solutions for flavor creation and taste refinement add characterizing flavors, mask off-notes, and fine-tune specific taste attributes.

Flavor Creation

Our expert flavorists enliven eating experiences with liquid or dry custom-configured flavors that deliver unique taste for a variety of applications.

Flavor Profiles

We create characterizing flavor profiles that include sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, fruity, exotic, botanical, nutty, creamy, coffee, tea, and alcohol-inspired.

Taste Refinement

We improve taste with customizable, integrated taste refinement systems for masking and modulation. Virginia Dare’s masking systems selectively mask off-tastes and undesirable taste attributes including acidity, aftertaste, astringency, bitterness, chalkiness, harshness, medicinal, metallic, and saltiness. Our taste modulation solutions are designed to fine-tune specific taste attributes, such as sweetness perception and overall flavor impact.

Trending Flavors

Virginia Dare offers a continually evolving collection of trending flavors based on market, consumer, and product insight. From floral botanicals to childhood- adult fusions, to the latest recommendations for seasonal flavors, our flavorists and marketing group ensure brands lead in taste profile innovation. Through our Taste Collaboration platform Virginia Dare’s marketing team can provide customers with primary and secondary consumer research, trend insight, and original concept ideation for any application.

A fruity cereal milk protein shake, blueberry bramble crisp ice cream, cardamom mocha oatmilk latte, chamomile crème brûlée, London Fog tea latte, blackberry matcha meal replacement, maple chai cream liqueur, Meyer lemon vanilla seltzer—a taste of the on-trend flavor recommendations here at Virginia Dare.

We support most finished product label claims and are capable of aligning with non-GMO, organic, and allergen-free certifications, among others. As major retailers increasingly roll out their own compliance programs, we continuously update our procedures and documentation to help our customers meet and exceed every standard.

Explore the gallery below to learn how Taste Improvement can deliver preferred taste to your products.

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Custom-configured and application-specific flavors to deliver unique tastes and desired functional attributes

Fortified Beverages


Light Beverages

Energy Drinks

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Healthy Snacks


Through a combination of our taste refinement systems and characterizing flavors, we help our customers achieve preferred taste in health and wellness applications by masking unfavorable qualities typical of functional ingredients. Our product development team has the expertise to apply a solution tailored to your needs.

We specialize in masking proteins from animal or whey and plant proteins like pea, hemp, rice, etc. Complex applications like energy drinks or meal replacements benefit from our taste improvement systems, as we overcome ingredients that impart distinct off-flavors like caffeine, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Other ingredients we successfully mask include high intensity sweeteners such as stevia and OTC pharmaceutical additives.


Virginia Dare’s taste modulation solutions support clean label formulations, such as in reduced sugar applications. With new FDA regulations on added sugar labeling, brands turn to us to reach targeted sugar levels while retaining a high level of sensory quality in applications including beverages, confectionery, sweet snacks, and desserts.

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