Taste Improvement

Consumers want products that offer health benefits without compromising taste. Virginia Dare’s Taste Improvement platform draws on the expertise of our dedicated technical team to promote preferred taste in healthy and clean label products through flavors and systems for taste enhancement and modulation.

Delivering preferred taste by promoting good tastes and removing less desirable ones

Through our Taste Improvement platform, our skilled product developers work with you to ensure that your products have taste that consumers love, with solutions for flavor, taste improvement, and taste modulation. Our systems help you add fruit or sweet flavors, mask off-notes, and enhance sweetness perception, even in reduced sugar applications.

Explore the gallery below to learn how our Taste Improvement platform can deliver preferred taste to your products.

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Trending Flavors

Virginia Dare offers a robust portfolio of fruit and sweet flavors for beverages, dairy, fortified products, and other applications. Our flavorists are always broadening our list of flavors to align with consumer trends, and we accordingly provide an array of florals, tropicals, and other popular flavors, including indulgent options like birthday cake and cheesecake. Our range extends to exciting flavors like dragon fruit, and to subtle variations, such as our long list of apple varietals, from tart Granny Smith to sweet Red Delicious.

We support most finished product label claims and are capable of aligning with non-GMO, organic, and allergen-free certifications, among others. As major retailers increasingly roll out their own compliance programs, we continuously update our procedures and documentation to help our customers meet and exceed every standard.

Taste Improvement for Consumer Preference

Through our Taste Improvement platform, Virginia Dare helps our customers achieve preferred taste by masking those qualities that might undermine it. Our product development team has the expertise to create a masking solution tailored to your needs, combined with one of our premium characterizing flavors. We specialize in masking proteins, from traditional animal and whey proteins to newer plant proteins like pea, hemp, rice, or others. Complex applications like energy drinks also benefit from our taste improvement systems, as we overcome high levels of challenging ingredients like caffeine, botanicals, vitamins, and amino acids. Other ingredients we successfully mask include high intensity sweeteners such as sucralose or stevia and OTC pharmaceutical additives, making Virginia Dare your versatile, experienced partner for taste improvement whatever your industry.

Taste Modulation and Clean Labels

Our taste modulation systems help you achieve preferred taste even in reduced sugar applications. Our product developers work with you to produce application-specific solutions that support clean labels with great sensory experience, increasing flavor impact without adding undesirable ingredients. With new FDA regulations on added sugar labeling, many brands are turning to us to help them meet specific levels of added sugar in their applications. We have succeeded in reaching targeted sugar levels while retaining a high level of sensory quality in applications including beverages, confectionery, sweet snacks, and desserts.

Preferred Taste and Plant-based Protein

Fortunately for brands hoping to play in the trendy plant-based application space, Virginia Dare has recently done extensive work on product prototypes that achieve preferred taste while maintaining the nutritional profile consumers seek, all created using our Taste Improvement platform of ingredients.

Press Release: New Brand Launched at IFT16

Virginia Dare has been producing flavors and extracts for more than 90 years, and will be debuting a refreshed and evolved brand at the 2016 IFT show in Chicago.


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