Flavors for the New Wave of Coffee Drinks and Creamers

Flavors for the New Wave of Coffee Drinks and Creamers

Coffee is a staple of our mornings, of course, but it’s quickly finding its luxurious way into other parts of our day. Coffee drinks are experiencing a surge in popularity, attributed to the availability of new and exciting flavors and convenient, ready-to-drink formulations.

Our newest white paper discusses how exotic flavors, functional ingredients, plant-based innovations, and more can appeal to this blossoming category.

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Enhancing the Coffee Experience

Formulating for a premium experience means working with suppliers who have solid expertise and an expansive flavor portfolio. With over 90 years of experience in delivering preferred taste, the formulation experts at Virginia Dare understand the strategic business value of flavor. Virginia Dare offers a uniquely diverse suite of foundational flavors and taste improvement ingredients, including coffee extracts and concentrates in liquid and dry powder formats.

Learn the new ingredients and flavors driving coffee innovation

A Taste for Adventure

Demand is rising for specialty coffees, ethnic and exotic flavors, and coffees that are organic or processed with innovative methods.

Functional Creamers

Creamers are an excellent delivery format for functional ingredients, particularly those with benefits that align with coffee, a functional beverage in its own regard.

RTD Cold Brew Coffee Concepts

Inspire your next product innovation with concept ideas, ranging from Bourbon Vanilla to Blossom Mocha!

Delivering preferred taste and coffee innovation

We’re brewing with ideas on how to make your next coffee (or creamer) product stand out and attract adventurous consumers seeing luxurious, sophisticated taste profiles.

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