Taste Collaboration

Product Development & Supporting Services

Virginia Dare helps brands turn ideas into innovative products with tasteful formats and flavors. We work with you from research and development to prototyping to formulation support so your brand can bring the most delicious ideas to market  – a process we call Taste Collaboration.

Through our Taste Collaboration platform, we offer product development, R&D support, marketing insights, and access to a network of recommended suppliers and manufacturers.

Product Development

Virginia Dare’s application capabilities include product development and prototyping for beverages, non-savory foods, and functional products. Application development includes the categories of:

  • Beverages & Alcohol
  • Bakery Products
  • Sweets & Confections
  • Functional Products
  • Dairy & Dairy Alternatives
  • Plant-Based Products
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Sports Nutrition Products
R&D Support

From optimizing the base formulation for existing products to finding optimal flavors and formats for new products, our food scientists are here to work directly with you to balance on-trend flavor and functionality. Our R&D support includes dedicated technical resources for custom solutions in nutritional and wellness categories:

  • Performance & Lifestyle
  • Functional Bars & Snacks
  • Protein Drinks & Dry Mixes
  • Meal Replacements
  • Hydration Drinks
  • Energy Drinks & Shots
  • Functional Gummies
  • Vegan & Plant-Based Alternatives
Marketing Insight

Spending nearly 100 years in the flavoring business has sharpened our ability to identify trends and insights as they emerge; we have experienced food and ingredient trends that have shaped the industry in big and small ways. Virginia Dare’s marketing team can provide customers with primary and secondary consumer research, trend insight, and original concept ideation.

Support Network

Virginia Dare’s longevity and respected reputation in the food and beverage industry has allowed us to create a unique support network that connects customers with trusted ingredient suppliers and co-manufacturers, further facilitating an enriched product development experience.

Partner with us for preferred taste and strategic value