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Wellness Flavors for Functional Products

Consumers seek the functional—the fortified—the all-in-one. We associate certain flavors with health benefits, like blueberries for immunity and ginger for digestion. Coupling a wellness flavor with an active ingredient meets the consumer’s taste expectations and boosts the perceived impact of your product. We supply the natural flavor to inspire repeat buyers who crave another taste.


The projected size of the functional foods market by 2027.1


of U.S. supplement consumers would drink a functional beverage almost every day for the same benefits as vitamins.2


of U.S. supplement consumers would find chocolate appealing as a source of the same health benefits in supplements.2

Sources: 1The Business Research Company, Functional Food Ingredients Global Market Report 2023; 2MarketPlace, Unlocking Insights into the Supplement Consumer: 2022 Trends and Opportunities

Wellness Never Tasted So Good

Decades of Experience in Flavor Masking

Functional ingredients often have harsh, bitter notes. We can cover undesirable flavors with flavor masking and bring out the best flavors with taste modulation. For reduced-sugar applications, imagine a low-calorie carbonated beverage with extra zip. Or a greens protein shake you want to drink in the morning.

Buy for Benefits. Buy Again for Taste.

There are always more insights to explore in a category as diverse and popular as wellness.

White Paper

Overcoming Flavor Challenges in Performance Nutrition

Green juice as a wellness flavor

Always Ready with An Insight

Contact us to explore our full range of wellness flavors. We stay up to date on in-demand flavors, applications, and need states for the market. Let’s work together to find the right solution.