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Bring Single Origin Tea to RTD

Virginia Dare now offers single-origin tea extracts, created in-house using tea leaves sourced from some of the world’s leading tea producers. These new origin-specific extracts are just the latest expansion to Virginia Dare’s extensive tea portfolio within the Taste Foundations platform.

Our single-origin tea extracts offer maximum flavor profile flexibility for developers through a comprehensive selection of tea components that isolate variables such as color, astringency, earthiness, and tea flavor impact. In each extract, our proprietary extraction technologies provide tea fractions not found anywhere else.

The new line of single-origin tea extracts includes the following:

  • Argentine black tea: a mild, sweet, balanced tea extract with a flavor profile that combines well with fruit or other flavors
  • Assam black tea: an earthy, bold, intense tea extract with the classic profile of this famous Indian tea-growing region
  • Sri Lankan black tea: a floral, bright, complex tea extract from the region traditionally known for Ceylon tea, suitable for creative formulas aligned with trends toward complex single-origin beverages

Although single origin teas have achieved prominence at specialty cafes and tea rooms, these new extracts from Virginia Dare give brands offering ready-to-drink beverages the chance to bring that same trend appeal and product selection to more mainstream beverages. In addition to the development benefits highlighted above, these single-origin products give marketers an opportunity to appeal to the specialty beverage audience, as well as providing a compelling origin story.

To learn more about our new single-origin tea extracts, get in touch or request a sample.