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Evolving a Historic Brand at Virginia Dare

When a brand with a long history of success embarks on a significant change—like a new visual identity—people inevitably want to know why. Virginia Dare launched our evolved brand identity, including a new logo and set of visual standards, in July of 2016 to plenty of discussion. However, it’s unlikely that this press coverage answers all the questions our customers and friends have regarding the evolved brand. In this post, we’ll share some of the impetus for the brand evolution in order to show how the new Virginia Dare brand benefits you.

Although a brand evolution can sometimes signal a company undergoing a significant change in operations, that is not the case with Virginia Dare—our brand remains strong. In fact, the brand evolution better aligns our visual identity with our already-existing capabilities as a partner to our customers, rather than a conventional supplier. Our business long ago evolved away from the commodity model toward working collaboratively with our partners. The new brand more accurately reflects our current product and service offering.

The new Virginia Dare identity, with its more modern, refined look, better reflects these capabilities. It better communicates our deep technical capabilities. And it supports an expanded range of visual assets—like this very website—that provide a better experience and more information for our customers.


In addition to the new visual identity, we updated the structure and nomenclature for our product lines to the categories of Taste Foundations and Taste Improvement, as reflected on this site. These product platforms—which you can learn more about through the linked pages for each one—better communicate the full breadth of what we offer, from premium, natural extracts to taste improvement systems.

Despite all these changes, the fundamentals of our business—built on integrity, technical expertise, and service—have not changed. We aim to serve our customers better through this process, and you will find that our customer service and attention to your needs have not changed.

Our evolved brand serves you because it better aligns with the benefits we already offer: market expertise, technical intelligence, and outstanding service helping you deliver preferred taste to your customers.

Questions about the new brand or our product platforms? Explore this site, contact your Account Manager, or get in touch.