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Coconut Water: A Bar Binding Agent?

The global coconut water market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate close to 27% from 2016 to 2020, according to Technavio research analysts. The demand for healthy beverages without artificial food additives leaves coconut water well positioned to continue to be a top choice for consumers—especially millennials.

As more consumers learn of coconut water’s natural benefits, such as its potassium and electrolyte content, the category continues its forward growth. This growth is expedited by the growing media buzz, celebrity endorsements, and new product launches around coconut water. Surges in innovation for packaging choices, processing methods, and flavor options are helping sustain the upward trajectory.

Coconut water’s popularity and inherent benefits are leading to combinations within many common applications. Traditional fruit juices, matcha tea, and even granola bars are using coconut water and coconut water concentrate (CWC) to supplement their nutritional profiles. Reductions in sugar, clean labels, and electrolyte enrichment are just a few benefits coconut water brings to these products. CWC’s functional benefits and easy-to-work-with binding properties are sure to make it a favorite for all bar types and help coconut water’s usage expand beyond the beverage category.

As the leaders in delivering preferred taste, our flavorists and food technologists are prepared to help you create beverages, bars, frozen treats, or any other application using coconut water or CWC that taste great. Our masking flavors can assist in overcoming the off-notes that come as coconut water ages, and deliver the consistent flavor profile your customers expect. To learn more about our formulation capabilities, please get in touch.