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Tea suppliers support better-for-you beverage development

Tea and health and wellness live within the same space of many consumers’ minds. Beverage Industry recently featured Virginia Dare’s tea capabilities in an article on how tea extracts and flavors are helping beverage brands deliver on better-for-you demands.

“Over the last decade as consumers have continued to move away from carbonated soft drinks, they often migrate to a healthier alternative like tea,” our Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo says in the article. “A lot of this growth early on was a rising tide that helped all brands. Now consumers are looking to experience tea in different ways. All indications are that the tea market will continue to grow and adapt to consumer demands. Consistency of quality and taste is key in this market especially with the growth of the premium tea beverages.”

Tea is one of Virginia Dare’s core areas of focus, so we’d love to discuss. Read the full article at this link, and then contact us today!