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Zero-Proof is Climbing to Number One

Zero-proof, buzzless spirits, whatever you call the Alt drinks movement, the facts speak for themselves. According to IWSR research, 58% of consumers are drinking more non-alcoholic beverages than last year. On top of that, 61% are wanting better choices when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. Whole Foods’ latest trends report named alt drinks as one of the top trends of 2022.

Even prior to the pandemic, zero-proof brands proliferated. According to Innova Market Insights, between 2016-2020, the number of low-or-nonalcoholic beverage launches grew at a 22% annual rate. In comparison, alcoholic launches tracked by Innova grew by a rate of 13% annually.

What’s causing this trend?

Experts say it’s a few things:

  • The now-of-drinking-age Gen Z population has a different relationship with alcohol, as they are more focused on clean living, especially a life without hangovers.
  • Functional alternatives to alcohol, like cannabis, are more readily available.
  • Macro trends driven by COVID are driving “self-care” and “mindfulness” behaviors. In other words, people are questioning the negative impact alcohol can have on mental health, energy, and emotional wellbeing.

Sobriety Curiosity is Seriously Catching On

Check out the “non-alcoholic” list on your favorite restaurant’s menu or browse the shelf on your next grocery visit. You’ll quickly realize why this is such a hot topic in the beverage and flavor industries. Here are just a handful of brands and zero alcohol products that have popped up in the past few years:

Cocktail Flavors Meet Unexpected Usage Occasions

Canned or capped, still or sparkling, those same boozy flavors are being applied and enjoyed in protein drinks, hydration beverages, and as a low-calorie-low-sugar choice. In other words, more than just bars and restaurants, these beverages and the associated flavors are almost everywhere you look.

At the 2022 SupplySide West show, we’re set to showcase these three unique non-alcoholic beverages:

Whey Protein Shake

Limoncello Flavor

After a workout, a cocktail-flavored protein shake to feel refreshed, relaxed, and reenergized.

Hydration Beverage

Hibiscus Grapefruit Paloma Flavor

To stay up late to meet a tight deadline, a caffeine-fortified gin and tonic flavored energy drink might do the trick.

Sugar-Free Sparkling Beverage

Berry Mojito

For a social-sipper at an afternoon BBQ or elevated dinner party, this classic fruity concoction fits the occasion. 

Ready to Go from Zero (Proof) to Hero?

Reach out anytime; our team is excited to help you take your zero-proof idea from flavor inspiration to beverage creation. Reach out at the link below and let’s toast to your next product innovation.