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Vanilla Newstalgia: Taking a Classic Flavor to Whole New Levels

When the average person is asked to name a flavor, they’re most likely picking one of the classics. You know, the vanillas, the chocolates, the strawberries (the last of which is actually a combination of many flavors!).

There’s a solid reason for this: they’re comforting. They’re the go-to choice for their nostalgia and recognizability. And they’re delicious. But what happens when a brand wants to upscale their product line with a more premium feel, or appease the adventurous types – or even just expand their portfolio with new offerings?

How to Class Up the Classic Flavors

Two words: Elevated Classics. This means taking the flavors we all love and classing them up, giving them some culture, maturing them. When you approach it from this standpoint, a whole world of flavors opens up while still giving us the solid ground we’ve all been lacking these last few years.

Elevating the classics also appeals to the masses. While the more adventurous will follow you down whatever path you want to take, familiarity seekers will find Elevated Classics are an opportunity to play without straying too far.

We’re not alone in our sentiment. This year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo saw “newstalgia” as one of the top trends, and brands everywhere are already jumping in – especially in the zero-proof, Alt drinks industry.

Vanilla Elevated

The proof of concept is always in the (vanilla) pudding, so we’ve put together a list of vanilla pairings and the applications they can elevate – though this list is hardly exhaustive. When it comes to pairings and applications with vanilla, anywhere you let your mind wander, your taste buds will be happy to go.

When your mouth is done watering, be sure to reach out for a sample!

  • Vanilla Whiskey: Sweet and woody vanilla enhanced by a smoky, charred oak and a razzle-dazzle of floral and fruity whiskey. APPLICATIONS: ice cream, mocktail, candy sucker, cake
  • Bananilla Cream Pie: A retro-nostalgic indulgence: Indulgent banana and creamy vanilla custard with vanilla wafer cookie (Nilla type). APPLICATIONS: RTD health beverage, nutrition bites, ice cream, baked goods topping
  • Lavender-Vanilla: The perfect blend of the ever-so-slight bitters of lavender with a smooth and soothing vanilla finish. APPLICATIONS: tea, RTD health beverage, baking mix, cupcake icing
  • Vanilla Cardamom: Refreshing balance of sweet and nutty vanilla with the perfectly piney, hint-of-fruity cardamom. APPLICATIONS: energy drink, candy, RTD health powder, smoothie

So Many Ways to Elevate

As international experts in vanilla flavors, we would never suggest that this delicious taste isn’t good enough on its own. Our deep history with this incredibly versatile flavor makes us the leader that we are the industry. That said, because of its wide usage and beloved place in just about every society, we know there are endless opportunities to elevate it to new heights – and we’re excited to go there with you.

Check back soon for the elevator ride we’ll be taking with other classics like chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and banana. If you don’t want to wait, we understand! Just reach out to our team of taste makers and we’ll be ready to class up any classic flavor.