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Fresh Brewed Tea Extracts

You get more than tea flavoring from Virginia Dare: you get the taste itself. Every drop of tea extract starts with real tea leaves from the world’s leading producers. Black, green, white, or herbal. Bold or floral, smoky or sweet. Whatever your application, we have the tea essence flavors to fit your product. 

Tea flavoring poured in a hot drink

Consistent Flavor.
Proprietary Extraction.

We source the best, then treat them the best with our proprietary extraction process which pulls every ounce of flavor from the tea leaves. What’s left is consistent, premium flavor in liquid or powder formats, with a variety of natural, all-natural, non-GMO, and clean label options.  

Tea essence flavors from tea leaves

Organic Certified and Compliant

Fairtrade Certified™  



Read the Tea Leaves

Browse a few flavor ideas from our extensive portfolio.  

Tea extracts in Earl Grey tea cookies

Black Tea

Full-bodied Assam with malty notes. A brisk, milky English tea. Citrusy bergamot in Earl Grey tea cookies.

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Green and White Tea

Earthy green tea with notes of elderberry. A mellow white tea, fruity and floral. An invigorating matcha.

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Tea essence flavors in ice cream cones

Herbal Tea

Soothing Chamomile Hibiscus tea. Chrysanthemum tea, a gentle bloom with soft hints of honey.

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Sri Lanka Black Tea flavoring in baked bread

Single-Origin Tea

Our Sri Lanka Black Tea and Chinese Green Tea, or other single-origin options, create your ideal label: transparent and delicious.

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English Breakfast to Yerba Maté 

Pick a base extract or concentrate then select herbal or botanical top notes to create your unique brew.  

Tea essence flavors enjoyed in a cold beverage

Sip tea on a sweltering porch as beads of condensation drip down the glass, culminating in an icy splash on your thigh. Pour a packet into a water bottle between meetings and shake for a treat. Feel a bit fancy while indulging in jasmine tea gummy bears.  

Tea is as elegant as a garden party or as fast as a post-workout shake. It’s also ancient. But we find a way to make it new again, like formulating flavor for a never-before-seen application or restoring your product’s true tea taste that’s lost during production.  

Whatever format and mood you have in mind, we have a flavor. 

Applications Steeped in Flavor

Whether it’s ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix, we’re ready to formulate. Our flavors come in liquids and powders to be repurposed in endless ways, from sweet goods to wellness flavors to mocktails.  

Tea extracts in warm beverages

A Spot of Tea + 100
Years of Expertise 

Our large portfolio is second only to our flavorists’ curiosity to explore new tastes. We don’t shy away from custom, so reach out with your next project.