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Coffee ingredients deliver familiarity, novelty

Coffee. It’s not just a part of our every day here at Virginia Dare, but it’s also an essential part of so many consumers’ every day. While coffee remains a staple in our days, many of us are considering healthier and functional options, filled with ingredients like antioxidants, fiber, turmeric, ginseng, mushrooms, CBD and cannabigerol (CBG), and probiotics. Beverage Industry featured Virginia Dare and our Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo in a recent article on new trends in this space.

“Brands are getting creative when it comes to the flavors they pair with coffee ingredients, and consumers are loving it,” he says in the article. “While traditional flavors like vanilla, mocha, caramel and hazelnut have appeared alongside coffee most frequently, we’re starting to see more brands look at elevating classic flavors, sophisticated hybrid flavors, sweet spices, global fusions, botanicals and more.”  

Read the full article here, and click here to download our recent white paper on coffee and creamer trends.