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A Portfolio to Please the Inner Child

Performance nutrition that reminds you of your favorite cereal milk. A spiked lemonade you would’ve never made as a kid. Our Forever Young portfolio is a playground of childhood tastes made into modern applications. Enliven eating experiences and deliver unique and memorable taste to your consumers with the flavors that please every inner child.


of consumers say they enjoy things that remind them of their past


top food trends include nostalgic flavors


consumers are willing to pay more for nostalgic flavors

Source: Momentum Worldwide

Take Your Customers Down Memory Lane

Get Uploaded on the Latest in Nostalgic Taste

An extension of the nostalgic trend of the past decade, childhood favorites and child-adulthood hybrids are associated with good, simple times. Discover more nostalgic trends and flavor combinations in our webinar.


Forever Young: How nostalgic, comforting flavor profiles can make your next innovative product memorable

rainbow swirl lollipops

Let’s Have Fun with Formulation.

Ready to get started? We are, too. Reach out to explore product opportunities, test flavor combinations, or even get your hands on a sample.