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White Papers
Jars of milk with text overcoming functional dairy off-notes.

WHITE PAPER: Flavor and Functional Ingredients in Dairy Beverages

As demand for functional beverages grows, dairy’s innate nutritional benefits and creamy sensory experience make it a compelling choice for consumers. But with added functional ingredients — like vitamins, minerals, [more]
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FoodNavigator-USA Article: Strengthening vanilla’s supply chain through its farmers

Quality vanilla goes beyond taste. Virginia Dare’s Madagascar-based team creates systems for socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable vanilla. FoodNavigator-USA talked with our VP of International Operations Henry Todd about how [more]
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White Papers

WHITE PAPER: Exploring the Open World of Gaming

Over 3 billion people worldwide play video games, connecting deeply with beloved characters, stories, and other players. Food and beverage products can connect with this audience through the games they [more]
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Marketing Insights

Next Trend Up: Scrumptious Strawberry Pairings

The time of year is irrelevant – the taste of sweet strawberry can follow us all year round. Long considered one of the “classic three” flavors alongside vanilla and chocolate, [more]
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Zero-Proof is Climbing to Number One

Zero-proof, buzzless spirits, whatever you call the Alt drinks movement, the facts speak for themselves. According to IWSR research, 58% of consumers are drinking more non-alcoholic beverages than last year. [more]
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Flavor Creation

Vanilla Newstalgia: Taking a Classic Flavor to Whole New Levels

When the average person is asked to name a flavor, they’re most likely picking one of the classics. You know, the vanillas, the chocolates, the strawberries (the last of which [more]
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