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Leave With Complete Flavor Profile After One Visit to Our Expanded HQ

Our new headquarters in Carteret, New Jersey, focuses on in-person collaboration and streamlined product development:

“You can fly in without knowing what you want. We’ll sit and discuss goals, then make samples. Changes are made on the spot, down the hall. It’s possible to walk out with a finished product after a full day just by being able to work closely together without shipping samples.” 

Chris Smith, Virginia Dare Executive Vice President

Waiting for samples is one of the most time-consuming steps, yet it adds no value to the final product. Our flavor development process remains the same, but by combining all facets of our business in one place, we can make the most of your time during in-person collaboration. When you visit us for a working session, it expedites your ability to bring products to market while maintaining high standards in flavor. 

You can more read about the exciting move from Nutritional Outlook and WholeFoods Magazine. Or, our favorite, contact us to learn more about how we make your preferred flavor. 

The new state-of-the-art location features: 

  • A dedicated customer lab to collaborate
  • Labs and equipment for flavorists
  • Production areas for prototyping 
  • A tasting booth to gather flavor insights 
  • Modern prep kitchens 
  • A world-class sensory center for new product testing

“Virginia Dare has built a legacy over the past century of providing high-quality flavors and extracts,” said Howard Smith, president, “and now we’re positioned to continue serving the industry into the future.”