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Clean label finds its roots in nature

What one considers “clean label” can be difficult to pin down, but in general, it comes down to ingredient legends and label claims. Beverage Industry recently explored the clean label trend and how it’s impacting beverage formulation, featuring our Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo.

“One category where we’re seeing quite a bit of activity in the clean ingredient space is the energy category,” he says in the article. “Formulations with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs and superfoods are growing in popularity alongside the increased pressure for clean labels and the removal of undesirable ingredients. Additionally, we’re seeing growth in wellness beverages (e.g., kombucha, drinking vinegars, tonics, elixirs and cleanses), tea beverages (RTD, loose leaf and teabags), and cold-pressed fruit and botanical beverages.”

Whether you’re formulating an energy drink, tea beverage, or other functional drink, if you’re looking to formulate with a clean label in mind, we’d love to help! Read the full article at this link, and get in touch with our experts today.