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Flavor Experts
Since 1923

We were around before bubblegum and penicillin. Before cars had seatbelts and before you could buy sliced bread. Those years taught us to listen to the first signs of change.  

Prohibition Fast Track and the Flavor Masking 50s 

In the 1950s, we became flavor masking experts by working with the pharmaceutical industry—decades before functional food and beverages existed. We were one of the first commercial wines sold after Prohibition was appealed. And we’ve always excelled at sweet flavors, like fragrant vanilla and rich cocoa. 

Informed by History, Led by Possibilities

We live in the past and future by combining deep technical knowledge that never expires with an eye for emerging trends that will become next year’s norm. And we bring value to your business by sharing that knowledge with you through our Taste Collaboration services, which includes product development, flavor creation, and regulatory support.  

Who is Virginia Dare?

As the first English child born in North America, Virginia Dare made history before she could walk. She represents the passion to explore, which we bring to everything we do.  

Your Source for Everything Flavor (And Then Some) 

Extracts & Concentrates

Build a flavor foundation with premium vanilla, coffee, cocoa, and tea from around the world. Through sustainable sourcing and local partnerships, our products have a sourcing story you can tell again and again.

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Powder in flavor concentrates for beverages that support wellness

Refine and Perfect

Create a true-to-taste product with characterizing flavors and top notes. With taste modulation and masking flavors, we enhance the good and cover the bad, even for the harshest functional ingredients.

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Ice cream flavoring for milk in a bottle

Application Experts

We formulate flavors that shine in health & wellness, beverages, dairy and dairy alternatives, sweet goods, and more. Whatever your application, we can make it refreshing. Or neutral. Or decadent.

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Services and Support

We also know the business side of flavor. Get help along the way with ideation, product development, regulatory support, and research insights.

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Scenic countryside with fields
Looking out over a valley of tea fields in Sri Lanka.

The Sustainable Choice

We invest in quality that goes beyond taste. Because sustainability is worth it. Always.   

With ethical sourcing and production, we ensure that enjoying a flavor doesn’t come at someone else’s expense or undermine the future of the industry. Through boots-on-the-ground operations, we maintain close working relationships with local communities and cooperatives around the world.  

In the SAVA region of Madagascar, we share knowledge that empowers farmers. Through proprietary curing practices, land management techniques, internships, and more, we’re working to create an equitable, stable vanilla market.  

Forever Tasting, Forever Growing 

After 100 years in business—and counting—one thing is the same: people always want another taste. We continue researching characterizing flavors and collaborating with our customers to make new ones that captivate the senses.

We also help shape the industry through leadership roles in the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI). To lead by example, our operations have the highest rating possible for food safety from SAI Global: BRC AA Certified. 

We continuously expand our team and operations to better serve our customers. Join us for the next century of flavor innovation.  

Carteret, New Jersey:
The Fount of Flavor  

Our new headquarters includes state-of-the-art labs for our flavorists and production areas for prototyping.  

Chocolate flavorings for dessert toppings

Let’s Create Your Next Big Product

Reach out to discuss our portfolio, R&D support, our certifications, or get a sample.