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Final Proof: Flowers meet Flour

Nothing says the spring and summer like a field full of vibrant flowers. Why not capture that same feeling in baked goods? Baker’s Journal featured our Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo in an article on the rise of botanical flavors in baked goods.

“Bored with conventional fare, many consumers, especially Millennials, want an exciting consumption experience,” he says in the article. “Vivid colors or elevated presentation has become essential: it better be Instagrammable and sharable. Florals and botanicals deliver on all these taste fronts; from the floral profiles found in global cuisines like Indian and Asian to the aromatic world of herbal tea blends to the brightly colored Instagram photos of butterfly pea flower lattes and lavender geode cakes.”

We love formulating with botanicals, and if you’re interested in these flavors, we encourage you to read the full article and then get in touch!