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Cocoa: Beloved Across the World

The Aztecs and Mayans used cacao beans as currency in ancient South America. Today the cocoa industry has flourished into a multi-billion-dollar market. No matter the century, cocoa is a crowd-pleaser, from dark chocolate concentrate confections to melt-in-your-mouth baked goods with decadent fudgy or even floral flavors. We have cocoa extracts and chocolate flavorings to inspire even more indulgence.   

Cocoa extract in chocolate brownies

Custom Flavor from Cake Mixes to Mousses

Our flavorists work side-by-side with you to craft the desired taste—even if you’re not sure what that is yet. We work around application challenges daily, like cocoa-flavored baked goods that must withstand high heat and remain deliciously chocolatey, all while using the least amount of raw material. 

Cocoa beans that produce chocolate concentrate flavoring options

Sustainable Cocoa

Through our Fairtrade™ certification, we ensure that cocoa production is equitable to the people who make their living cultivating the crop and the land where it grows. We also have clean label, natural, non-GMO, organic-certified, and organic-compliant options.  

What’s Your Craving?

Chocolate flavorings for dessert toppings

Chocolate Flavors

Milk chocolate liquor with Sicilian orange. White chocolate milkshake. Dark chocolate fudge. Puddings or liquors or syrups—we can do it all.

Cocoa extract in a candy bar with nuts

Profile Keys

Sweet. Bitter. Fruity. Earthy. Woody. Floral. Roasted. Nutty. Spicy. Creamy. Milky. Buttery. We can go on and on.

Chocolate concentrate in hard candies

Indulgent Profiles

If you can taste it, we can make it. Brownie. Cake batter. Chocolate chip cookie bars. Lava cake. Red velvet. Black forest. S’mores.

Cocoa extract in a candy bar with nuts

Flavor Pairings

Add new depth with butterscotch. Bourbon. Browned butter caramel. Maple. Molasses. Peppermint. Lavender. Chai. Walnut. Almond. [Insert thousands of more flavors here.]

Complex Indulgence. 

Select your base cocoa flavor, whether it’s perfectly bitter or buttery or floral. Then keep building with more indulgent or fresh extracts and concentrates. 

Chocolate concentrate in cake pops

A powdery-sweet hot chocolate mix springs to life with warm milk. Fudgy cake pops with a dash of spice surprise the senses. Chocolate cake donut protein bars make a filling snack and dessert at the same time.  

A well-rounded back-to-basics chocolate can’t go wrong. But exploring the unusual and delightful captures consumers’ desires for the new and evolving. Flavor profile building is a favorite pastime for our expert flavorists, whether it is creating characterizing tastes or developing the perfect notes.

Cocoa Applications

A chocolate creamer for a mocha coffee? A white chocolate almond muffin? A milk-chocolate-mint post-workout shake? Yes, please.  

Chocolate flavoring in chocolate milk

How We Work Together 

We help you with R&D, prototyping, market research, and of course, the flavor. It takes a village to bring a product to the shelves. Rest assured that we bring preferred taste to any application.