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Labeling Vanilla Flavorings and Vanilla-Flavored Foods in the U.S.

Perfumer & Flavorist magazine published an especially compelling article about labeling vanilla flavors in its May 2018 issue. As the only flavoring materials subject to a federal standard of identity, vanilla flavorings are subject to strict guidelines that require standardized products to come from the properly cured and dried fruit pods of Vanilla planifolia Andrews and of Vanilla tahitensis Moore.

Our industry leading vanilla ingredients meet these standards, and we maintain a consistent supply of premium vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins made from sustainable raw materials. Our deep experience with vanilla makes us the market leader in the field and the source for preferred taste.

Our proprietary extraction processes retain the most delicate vanilla aromatics, ensuring a winning consumer experience. Our dedicated vanilla developers understand that delivering winning vanillas is a pursuit drawing on science and art. We deploy both analytical tools and human expertise to deliver all of vanilla’s intricate aroma and full body.

We encourage formulators to read Perfumer & Flavorist‘s article, and get in touch to learn more about how they can guarantee their vanilla products meet the federal standard of identity.