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Celebrating 100 years of taste

Flavor is more than the taste of a moment frozen in time. It is a timeless journey that fills all the senses – the sights, sounds, and feel of the experience. Flavor takes us back to eras long past, moves us forward into the tantalizing opportunities found in tomorrow.  

Journey with us as we explore where taste has steered Virginia Dare over the last century – and as we discover the endless flavor possibilities of the future.  

Old Fashioned New

The pop of the bottle opening. The splash of the liquid in the glass. That first smoky sip. Music traveling through your ears and to your soul, loosening everything on its way. It isn’t just a moment of relaxation at the end of a long day, it’s a sacred ritual that generations have practiced.

Experiences like these intertwine, sparking the physical, the emotional – imprinting itself on us entirely. And it’s all centered around taste. How we enjoy that taste may change over the years, but we will always seek out what takes us back to that hallowed place.

From the 1920s Old Fashioned to the alternative drinks of today, the flavor remains.

Decorated Mango Daiquiri 

Let this deliciously refreshing combo whisk you away to a tropical beach. 

Vanilla & Whiskey, on the Rocks 

It’s a fun way to put a sweet little twist to an all-time classic sipper. 

Butterscotch & Spiked Root Beer Float 

This is how you take an already rich and flavorful drink to the next level of richness, perfect for the next party. 

Peanut Butter, Rum & Egg Nog 

From holiday dessert, to any time of the year decadent treat. 

Vanilla Newstalgia 

Post-up on your favorite stool. The jukebox is rocking. The burgers sizzling in the background. The silverware clanking against the sundae glass, scooping up that one last delicious bite of dessert. Travel back with us to the quintessential ‘50s diner, where a vanilla ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge is waiting for you.  

Scenes like this are easy to imagine, because those sounds, sights, and flavors are truly classics.  

Today, we are elevating the classics, focused on a passion for vanilla. We’re exploring delicious dairy combinations and innovations, even taking plant-based adventures together, combining the past with the future for amazing flavor experiences.  

Vanilla Elevated

Vanilla Whiskey Ice Pop 

Sweet and woody meets floral and fruity, with a smoky charred oak aroma on a frozen stick.

Bananilla Cream Milkshake

Indulgent banana and creamy vanilla custard, topped with a vanilla wafer in your sundae glass … delicious! 

Lavender-Vanilla Cookies

Crunchy little dippable bites with a smooth and soothing flavor, and just a touch of flowery bitters.

Vanilla Pink Lemonade Gummies 

Tasty and refreshing, chewy and fun, it’s a balance of sweet and savory vanilla, paired with softened citrus. 

Forever Young

The lights and sounds of the carnival ring through the summer season. Giant stuffed animals. The smell of funnel cake and cotton candy. The drive-in theater playing the newest hit film. Welcome back to one of the most iconic decades in history: the ’70s. 

It was a time of creativity, buying the ticket and going for a ride. When we hear those sounds and smell those flavors today, we can be zoomed away to that place in time where we feel forever young.  

As we move into the future, we’ve taken that same cotton candy flavor, and helped it evolve into our everyday lives, and even into our exercise routines.  

Into the Future with Flavor

Cotton Candy Energy Drink

Give your exercise routine a little nostalgic twist to keep you motivated. 

Caramel Apple Breakfast Bar

The taste of fall in one delicious, sweet, savory, and fruity combination to fuel your morning rush.

Peanut Brittle & Cherry

It’s a carnival of sweet memories, featuring something sweet, crunchy, and fruity.

Churro-Infused Bubble Gum

Now you can enjoy that cinnamon flavor for more than just a few bites. 

Saturday Morning Memories

It’s the absolute best time of the week … Saturday morning in the 1990s. The best cartoons are on right now, and the comfiest spot in the living room is all yours. In your hands, a bowl of your favorite sweet breakfast cereal. Already bringing back great memories? Of course.  

Those cereal flavors can conjure such amazing memories of our childhood, favorite shows and simply spending time with our siblings, friends, and family.  

As we continue to move forward, we’re delivering those same familiar flavors in a variety of fun ways to keep those memories alive.  

Bottom-of-the-Bowl Deliciousness 

Fruity Loops Milk

It’s what you really want … just the bottom of the bowl full of those sweet, fruity flavors. 

Magic Marshmallow Gummies 

Who wouldn’t love a bunch of extra chews of their favorite marshmallow flavors?

Puffed Peanut Butter Cereal Protein Powder

Go tasty and puffed to get pumped for your next workout!

Buttery Crunch Cereal & Blueberry

It’s the cereal taste you know and love, with a refreshing fruity twist.

Make Timeless Tastes

Over 100 years of creating premium taste has expanded our capabilities beyond our most adventurous dreams, evolving us into a premier source of food and beverage flavors. As we journey through the next century, we would love for you to come along.