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Modifying flavor in dairy foods

When formulators enhance their dairy applications with protein or other nutrients, it often comes with an undesirable taste. Our modifying flavors balance this off-taste, instead delivering the taste that consumers prefer. Food Business News recently highlighted our expertise in this area in an article on flavor challenges for the dairy industry. “At the end of the day,Continue reading “Modifying flavor in dairy foods”

Pea Protein and Preferred Taste

Alternative proteins are among the hottest trends in multiple food categories like beverage, snacks, and meal replacement. Adventurous options, like algae and insect protein, are still looking for a larger consumer base, and soy and whey protein still have allergen concerns. Pea protein boasts a number of positives that have lead to substantial growth inContinue reading “Pea Protein and Preferred Taste”

WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications

Despite the flavor challenges they present, plant-based proteins continue to grow in popularity. Plant proteins like pea, rice, soy, or pumpkin seed can introduce a musty off-note to an application, but recent flavor innovations driven by flavor companies like Virginia Dare are helping to bring them to success on the market. If you’re seeking toContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications”