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WHITE PAPER: Flavor and Functional Ingredients in Dairy Beverages

As demand for functional beverages grows, dairy’s innate nutritional benefits and creamy sensory experience make it a compelling choice for consumers. But with added functional ingredients — like vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and mushrooms — the formula introduces off-tastes that turn consumers away. Read the white paper to find solutions to overcoming taste challenges in functionalContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Flavor and Functional Ingredients in Dairy Beverages”

WHITE PAPER: Exploring the Open World of Gaming

Over 3 billion people worldwide play video games, connecting deeply with beloved characters, stories, and other players. Food and beverage products can connect with this audience through the games they love, with functional ingredients to help with focus, energy, or relaxation – all while delivering a taste they crave.   Our team of flavor experts exploreContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Exploring the Open World of Gaming”

WHITE PAPER: Say Cheers to the Alt Drink

The habits of everyday Americans dramatically shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. As public spaces began to reopen, many of the lifestyle changes consumers adopted while sheltering at home endured: among those, alcohol consumption declined among U.S. adults. The changing cultural paradigms around drinking, catalyzed by the pandemic and driven forward by post-Millennial generations, are propellingContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Say Cheers to the Alt Drink”

WHITE PAPER: Formulating Convenience for Today’s At-Home Consumer

Time is a limited resource for today’s consumer. Consumers are increasingly eating at home, buying ready-to-drink beverages, and using meal kits. However, consumers are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition, taste, or texture for convenience. Successful convenience format applications will save time, satisfy appetites, and deliver preferred taste and sensory experience. Brands can drive loyalty and reachContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Formulating Convenience for Today’s At-Home Consumer”

WHITE PAPER: Flavors for the New Wave of Coffee Drinks and Creamers

Coffee is a staple of our mornings, of course, but it’s quickly finding its luxurious way into other parts of our day. Coffee drinks are experiencing a surge in popularity, attributed to the availability of new and exciting flavors and convenient, ready-to-drink formulations. Global sales of coffee made up 64% of sales value for hotContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Flavors for the New Wave of Coffee Drinks and Creamers”

WHITE PAPER: Overcoming Flavor Challenges in Performance Nutrition

Sports nutrition brands face three primary product development challenges: 1) selecting ingredients that effectively enhance athletes’ performance and recovery 2) offering distinctive, compelling products that stand out among an over-abundance of choices and 3) delivering a delicious, satisfying experience that will inspire repeat purchase. Success in this category depends not only on understanding how trendingContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Overcoming Flavor Challenges in Performance Nutrition”

WHITE PAPER: Solving Taste Challenges in Keto

The high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic (“keto”) diet is a hot trend that comes with major restrictions. For many new dieters, there will be a significant shift toward consuming foods and beverages formulated with low-net carbohydrate, high protein ingredients. Brands have opportunities to cater to this audience by making their lifestyle more attainable and boosting their confidenceContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Solving Taste Challenges in Keto”

WHITE PAPER: Vanilla Expertise

The key to successful formulation with natural vanilla is to partner with a market expert, mastering best industry practices, offering unparalleled technical competency, and having unique insights into the complex realities of vanilla bean-producing countries. The rich flavor from vanilla extract is one of the world’s favorites, and Virginia Dare is its preferred supplier –Continue reading “WHITE PAPER: Vanilla Expertise”

WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar

The snacking trend has grown steadily over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Driven primarily by health and wellness snacking, consumers are increasingly prioritizing snack applications that merge convenience and nutrition, such as dried fruit, nut packs, and fruit cups. Read our white paper to learn more about specificContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar”

WHITE PAPER: Top Trends in Beverage Formulation

The beverage market has long been incredibly dynamic and innovative, characterized by a high degree of new product development and strong competition for consumer attention. Recent years have seen a particularly intense flurry of new product development, with whole new sub-segments (e.g., kombucha, kefir) emerging, new claims and ingredients developing, and beverage categories overlapping oneContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Top Trends in Beverage Formulation”